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About This Survey

Author: macro
Created: February 26, 2010
Taken: 306 times
Rated: PG

The ultimate A-Z survey! :D

Created by macro and taken 306 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

Out of these, which ANIMAL is your favorite?
What month is your BIRTHDAY in?
Which CANDY do you prefer?
What DAY were you born on?
What subject is EASIEST for you?
How long have you known your best FRIEND?
What is your favorite board GAME?
What is your favorite HOLIDAY?
Who was the last person to say I LOVE YOU?
Which (out of these) is the best JELLYBEAN?
Which of these would you rather KICK?
You LOVE it when guys...
Who do you MISS most?
Your favorite Jersey Shore NICKNAME is...
If you were to go OUT of the house, where would you want to go?
Which Disney PRINCESS is your favorite?
Which QUIZ sounds most appealing to you?
Which ROCK band is your favorite?
Which SINGER do you think has the best voice?
Which would you rather have a TATTOO of?
What kind of UNDERWEAR do you wear?
Who is your favorite VAMPIRE?
When I say WATER, you think of...
What do you think of the XYLOPHONE?
What is your favorite flavor of frozen YOGURT?
If you had a ZEBRA, what would you name it?