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Author: akanicole
Created: March 16, 2010
Taken: 30 times
Rated: PG

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Your Top 6(:

Created by akanicole and taken 30 times on Bzoink
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List your top 6 friends on myspace
Which friend have you known the longest?
Which 2 friends would make a good couple?
How long have you known friend 6?
Do you love friend 2?
Are any of your friends related to you?
Have you dated/are you dating any of your friends?
Which 3 friends would you choose to get stuck on an island with?
Of these 3, who would panic first?
Who would calm everyone down?
Who would vote him/herself as the leader?
Which friend would die first?
Who would you be forced to repopulate with?
K, enough of the boring questions(:
Which 3 friends would you choose to assist you in a zombie apocalypse?
If any, which friend of your Top 6 would you choose to reproduce with?
Which friend can you see in a strip club 5 years from now?
How many kids do you think friend 1 is going to have in 10 years? With who?
Who is friend 6 going to marry?
If you had to choose, which 2 friends would end up having relations?
Which friend would you name your kid after?
What would your reaction be if you caught friend 2 and friend 3 in bed?
Which friend are you going to see begging for money in 20 years?
Are any of these friends considered, "friends with benefits"?
Ok, now for a few serious questions.
Which friend do you confide in most?
Which friend would you trust with your life, if any?
Which friend will be there by your side when you're on your deathbed?
Which friend would you consider rooming with in the future?
Which friends are actually planning on going to college?
Why is friend 1 your top friend?
If you and friend 5 were locked in a room, what would you talk about?
Which friend would be there the fastest in your time of need?
Are any of these 6 people single?
How long have you known friend 5?
If all 6 friends mysteriously disappeared one day, who would you miss most?
This survey is ending. Anything you would like to say to these friends?