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Author: ddooppeeshit
Created: March 24, 2010
Taken: 243 times
Rated: G

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quiz for YOUR favorite music

Created by ddooppeeshit and taken 243 times on Bzoink
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Name 10 different songs. All with different artists
When was the last time you heard number 8?
How long have you liked the artist number 2 for?
Whats your favorite music video by the artist number 5?
What does number 3 remind you of?
What genre is number 1?
Where did you first hear number 7?
Do you think the artist for number 10 is attractive?
Have you seen number 4 live?
How did you first hear the artist number 9?
What is the first song you remember hearing from number 3?
Does your parents aprove of number 10?
How many times have you listened to number 6 on your ipod/MP3?
Does your friends like number 1 as an artist?
Whats your favorite lyrics from number 9?
Describe the artist from number 2 in one word?
What is the song number 5 about?
What mood does number 8 put you in?
Do you like number 4 as an artist?
Why do you like the song number 7?