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Author: sofay
Created: March 30, 2010
Taken: 193 times
Rated: G

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I can leave my ignorance behind with you.

Created by sofay and taken 193 times on Bzoink
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Is your hair long enough to pull over your face like a moustache? :3
Do you ever find yourself making up survey questions throughout the day?
Who is your favourite online friend?
What was the last thing you tried for the first time?
The last thing you said outloud: How loud were you speaking?
What is your favourite nail polish colour to wear or see on others?
What was the last thing you learned?
How warm do you like your showers / baths to be?
The song you're listening to right now: What lyrics did they just sing?
Are there any advertisments / commercials you actually like? Which?
Which holidays do you decorate your house for, if any?
How often do you visit your relatives?
In your opinion, what is the scariest natural disaster?
What design is on your bed sheets?
If your house was a hotel, what would it's star rating be?
What is your favourite brand of fizzy juice / soda?
As a kid, did you use toothpaste that wasn't minty? (Like orange, etc)
What is your favourite vegetable?
Do you any other countries' timezones saved to your computer / mobilephone?
What was the last musical you watched?
Which meal of the day is your favourite to eat out for?
Is your username the same for every website?
Do you enjoy taking photographs? What do you usually take them of?
What do you have in your bookmarks? (Online)
Do you have a lucky number? Why is it so lucky?
Do you set your browser to remember passwords?
Describe the perfect burger:
What was the last thing you made yourself to eat?
What is something most people find ugly that you find cute?
Do you agree that the nude scenes in movies are generally unnecessary?
Have you ever stood on a sea creature while at the beach? D:
What's worse: Speaking in all caps or all lowercase?
What's your favourite place to go to for fast food?
How many fillings do you have?
Do you prefer having cold or warm hands?
Have you ever had a mud fight?
When you see people in love is your first reaction, "Ew" or "Cute"? xP
Have you ever woken up from a dream and thought it had actually happened?
Are you obsessed with a certain countries culture? (Not your own)
Do you know anyone who closely resembles someone else? (With no relations)
When your sunburn peels, do you leave it or pull at it?
What type of food do you find yourself craving most? (Sweet, meat, etc)
Why did you last go to the doctors?
Are you good at Name That Tune?
Name something that frightened you as a kid that you like now:
Do you prefer pictures or videos?
The people who pop in your "Who you might know" list:Do you ever know them?
Do you ever highlight excerpts of books that you particularly enjoy?
How easy is it for you to recognise what quote / lyric something is from?
On a scale of one to ten, how tired are you currently?