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Author: danceislove2409
Created: April 3, 2010
Taken: 242 times
Rated: G

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Hate in my heart, love in my mind. [ are we anything alike? ]

Created by danceislove2409 and taken 242 times on Bzoink
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These things seem popular, so I made one. (:
Answer yes/no, true/false, or whatever floats your boat.
(don't LITERALLY answer with 'whatever floats your boat')
Have fun! ;D & save your results.
You're a dancer.
You can get a party started easily.
You have had alcohol before.
You have no pets.
You are an only child.
You've gone through a state of depression.
You listen to music legit, every day.
You can play piano.
You do/used to get in trouble for talking in class.
You don't get in drama much.
You give general advice often.
You can rap an Eminem song.
You can balance a spoon on your nose.
You've been in a parade.
You've competed in something.
You are secretly smart.
You are a unintentionally loud person.
Sometimes in the morning, you actually are full of energy.
You enjoy energy drinks.
You are/used to be a cheerleader.
You can throw a spiral football.
Your shampoo smells like a strawberry milkshake.
You swear like a sailor when you're mad.
You have inside jokes with your bestfriends.
You don't trust many people.
You have a Myspace.
You have a Facebook.
You have a Twitter.
You have a Formspring.me.
You have a Bzoink. ;D
You love excercising.
You're self-concious.
You think a gay guy is a girls bestfriend.
You are/want to be in the millitary.
You've been out of the country more then twice.
You've lived out of the country.
You can speak bits and parts of a lot of languages.
You would consider yourself educated.
You don't act/look your age.
You're tall.
Your legs are longer then your upper body.
You can do more then ten full millitary pushups.
You don't always get along with your parents.
You love your family.
You care what people think about you.
You don't own a car.
You love meeting new people.
You laugh way too much.
You hate when people see you cry.
You rarely cry.
You love horror movies.
You're country.
You have an accent.
You've lived in North Carolina.
You love the South, & everything about it.
This survey, is now, over.