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Author: turtleshapedpancake
Created: April 4, 2010
Taken: 136 times
Rated: G

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In your perfect guy.

Created by turtleshapedpancake and taken 136 times on Bzoink
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: Do his looks matter to you ?
Preferred eye color?
Preferred hair color?
What should he dress like?
Your favorite item of his clothing?
Dimples, freckles?
If he had a slight unibrow, would you tell him to shave it?
Preferred height?
Honestly, would you date an 'ugly' guy if he had a great personality?
Is his hair better styled or bed-head?
Does he try to dress to impress you?
Does his skin color matter?
: What would he do for you ?
Would he drive you places?
If you called him at 3am, would he answer his phone?
Would he tell you he loved you a lot?
Would he put up with your taste in music even if he didn't like it?
Would he take you out often?
Would he cancel a hang out with the guys to be with you?
: What does he like ?
His favorite genre of music is...
His idol is...
His choice of cologne (if any) is...
Does he smoke?
Does he drink?
Does he curse?
Does he like sports? If so, which one(s)?
What is his favorite food?
Who is his favorite band/musician?
Does he appreciate good art?
Does he enjoy going out in nature?
Does he like working out at the gym?
: How about dating ?
Would he charm your parents?
Would he want to kiss on the first date?
What's an example of where he'd take you out?
Would he hold your hand a lot?
Would he set up cute little surprise dates?
Does he pick you up in his car?
Would he let you pay for anything?
Would your family approve of you dating him?
: & Some things !
Is he the first one to ask you out, or would you go for it?
Does he have lots of guy friends?
Does he have lots of girl friends?
Would he send you lots of random texts?
Would he buy you flowers?
Could he cook for you?
Do you and him have cute nicknames for each other?
Would he let you keep his hoodies?
Do you steal his hats and then wear them?
Would he sling his arm around your shoulders/waist?
Would he stand up for you?
Would he let you win at board games?
1 Milkshake 2 straws?
Would he wear glasses/contacts?
Would he be good at your least favorite subject so he can help you?
Would he care for you when you're sick?
Would he buy you stuffed animals?
Could he draw a decent picture of you?
Would he be interested in photography?
Would he tell you you're beautiful often?
Would you be able to burp loudly and laugh it off with him there?
Would he have fun hanging with you and your friends?
How about you with his friends?
What celebrity would he love?
Would he live close to you?
Would he ever even think about cheating on you?
Would you and him be in a relationship on Facebook?
Would he come to all of your games/ceremonies/other?
Would he smell nice?
What would he smell like?
If you were upset, what would he do to comfort you?
Would he tease you?
Could he make you smile any time?
Would he pound any guy that hurt you?
Would he get along good with your dad?
Would he speak another language?
Would he let you take pictures with/of him?
Could you just sit with each other and not have to speak?
Would he win you prizes at carnivals?
Would he allow you to drag him to the mall?
Would he laugh at you for crying during a movie or comfort you?
What 'category' would he fit under?
Does he carry a man-purse? Uh.. a satchel?
Would he let you cry on him?
Does he like cultural foods?
Would he be the same background as you, or does it matter?
What age would he be?
Is he smart?
Would he have a good singing voice?
Would he sing to you?
Does he play any musical instruments?
Would you and him speak or be in contact every single day?
Would he have a good body?
Would he remember your anniversary?
Would he spoil you for your birthday?
What would you talk about most with him?
Would he blame your mood swings on PMS?
Would he know just the perfect gift for you?
Would he ever surprise you with a picnic?
Do you go to the same school?
What is something he'd say a lot?
Would he let you hang with his friends?
Would he let you have as much 'girl time' as you need?
Would he carry your books?
Would you be comfortable enough to talk about anything with him?
: So that's your perfect guy, huh ?
Do you have this guy already or are you waiting for him?
Doesn't the guy we just went over seem really, really good?...