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About This Survey

Author: macro
Created: April 8, 2010
Taken: 594 times
Rated: PG

Oh look, another music shuffle survey. :)

Created by macro and taken 594 times on Bzoink
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To play: shuffle your music player/iPod and write down the song you get.
If you were on Jersey Shore, your nickname would be:
How was your day today?
What did you say to your crush?
What did he say back?
You had a fight with your friend because...
What happened?
Your crush kissed you! What did you say?
How would you describe your school day overall?
What did you eat for lunch?
How did you get home from school?
What did you do after school?
What did you say to your mom when you walked in the door?
You got a text message. What did it say?
What did you say back?
You and your friend decided to start a band called...
What was your first song called?
What was your first album called?
What did you name your concert?
How did it go?
After the concert, your crush asked you out. You replied...
What did you eat for dinner that night?
What did your parents talk about?
After dinner, you watch TV. What do you watch?
What is your opinion on that show?
Before bed, you shower. What do you sing in the shower?
You get into your pajamas. How would you describe them?
Before you sleep, you pray. What do you say?
What do you read before bed?
What do you dream about?
Now let's go to the future...
What do they play at graduation?
What is your favorite song by now?
What do you write in your resume?
How did the job interview go?
You got the job! You respond...
How would you describe your boss?
You meet a cute coworker. What do you say to him?
What song is always playing in the office?
You start dating your coworker. What do you do on your first date?
When the bill came, what did you say when you saw the price?
You decide to get a pet. What do you call it?
Your boss fires you! What do you say?
You get a new job. How does it compare to your old one?
What is your house like right now?
You get married! What song plays at your wedding?
What do you do for your honeymoon?
It's your first time doing 'it'. What song do you choose to play?
How was it?
You catch your husband singing in the shower. What is he singing?
How is your pet doing right now?
You have kids! What do you name them?
What do you say as you give birth?
Your husband says you talked in your sleep. What did you say?
Your husband has a heart attack! What do you say?
At the hospital, you have a heart attack too. Oh the irony. What happens?
The nurse says you have 2 hours left to live. What do you say?
What are your last words?
At death, what is your favorite song?