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Author: cakestheheathen
Created: April 16, 2010
Taken: 94 times
Rated: PG

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Do your business (how alike are we pt II)

Created by cakestheheathen and taken 94 times on Bzoink
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I'll try not to repeat anything. True/false, yes/no, explanations, whatever
You've been to New York City.
It was a huge culture shock.
You didn't go to your prom.
You don't text much.
You prefer long surveys to short ones.
You feel compelled to give explanations, rather than basic answers.
You enjoy talking about yourself.
But you try to avoid doing so.
You prefer giving to receiving (sexually ;P).
Thinking about dying terrifies you.
But you think your worst fear is fear itself.
You have been obsessed with Harry Potter.
You'd probably be a Slytherin, but would hate your entire house if you were
You love to smell good.
Photos of nature make you feel temporarily at peace.
Sometimes you get random but awful pain in your fingertips.
You were born without a thyroid gland.
Both your grandfathers are dead.
You know that Mexican is not a race nor an ethnicity, but a nationality.
You think the rumors of a 2012 apocalypse are ridiculous.
You are bisexual.
You can be a bit judgmental.
You used to want world peace, but couldn't care less now.
By the way, you know it's *couldn't* care less, not *could.*
You think the 80s was the best decade for music.
You've written letters to your past and future self.
You've changed a lot in the past few years.
You have schizoid personality disorder.
Although, you think it's bogus and *personality disorders* are cultural.
You can't understand why people are so afraid of socialism.
You don't stand for or say the pledge of allegiance.
You would rather cut yourself than listen to screamo music.
You like listening to ambient, *spacey* music.
You have red bedroom walls.
Your nightmare setting would be at a party.
You don't think you're ugly.
You are a nerd.
And you loathe when people say stupid crap like *I love nerds*.
Because they're the same people who pay no attention to you.
You get irrationally angry when people drum their hands on desks.
Or when somebody wakes you up.
You were once a hopeless romantic, but are now a cynic.
You are painfully realistic.
You hate it when people brag about not conforming.
You'd give up anything to be a kid again.
You don't understand why kids want to grow up so much when they only...
have 18 years to be a kid, and the rest of their lives to be adults.
You like building forts out of chairs and sheets.
You kinda feel that people who fake tan deserve skin cancer.
You are generally unempathetic.
You tend to strongly dislike people that remind you of yourself.
You have sex at least once a week.
You prefer sour to sweet.
You are extremely bored by sports.
A lot of people in your family have red hair.
You believe you are currently in love.
You think humanity is too sexually repressed.
You spend irrational amounts of money on journals you'll probably never use
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