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Author: raawkie
Created: April 26, 2010
Taken: 30 times
Rated: PG

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Some times I wish that you could just kill me so I can give you the slightest bit of a thrill!

Created by raawkie and taken 30 times on Bzoink
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What's your name?
What's your D.O.B. ?
How many female best friends do you have?
How many male best friends do you have?
Would you set anyone's heart on fire right now (emotionally speaking) ?
Has anyone really dissapointed you this week?
Did you know, nobody knows how many licks it takes to get to a tootsie pop?
Do you hate it when your ex apologizes for hurting you?
Or has he/she never apologized?
Do you wish he/she did? Why?
How's your realationship with your household family?
Would you ever hurt someone in order to get something that you want?
Do you get jealous when everyone else is in love and you're not?
Love is a beautiful thing..beautiful while it's alive? Or when it is dead?
Things happen for a reason right? Or do you totally disagree?
Some times no matter what you do feelings just die, why do you think so?
Do you hate anyone at the moment?
Ever given up on love, 'cos the person he/she liked was intimidating?
How much do you wish your friends would quit getting high and drunk?
Are your friends embarassing when they're drunk or entertaining?
What's the most embarassing thing your best friend has done to you?
Have you ever liked a friend that you claimed was like a brother or sister?
How old were you when you were in love?
Love never dies, even if has with people love blooms. Agree?
Have you ever dined out with you best friend and their family?
What's the last movie you've seen?
Do you think ring pops are still the cool?
Remember where's waldo?
So...if you can go back to any decade which one would it be and why? Ex 90s
Out of your friends who is the most attractive?
Who's the funniest?
Who's the most forgetful and light hearted?
Who's the bad influencer?
Who's above the influence?
Who are the one you used to date? ;)
OH didn't expect that one right?
Do you know how to dance?
If you were to chose who to have back out of your exs who would it be?
Or would you just be like "hell I don't want any of them!"?
Did you apologize to the last person you broke their heart?
You know it isn't considered an apology unless you say it in person...
Are you a coward, when it comes to taking chances?
Do you wish your ex would have just left you alone to begin with?
Are you and any of your ex still friends, enemies, or frenemies,
If your ex wanted you back would you give them another chance? Why?
What's the most wise advice someone has given to you?
What's the most dimwitted advice someone has given to you?
Has any of your friends ever said something that hurt, but you didn't say?
Would your boyfriend/ girlfriend watch the twilight series with you?
Are you single or taken?
What's the worst date you ever been on?