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Author: pisces022790
Created: April 27, 2010
Taken: 144 times
Rated: G

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All about Your Pregnancy!

Created by pisces022790 and taken 144 times on Bzoink
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Before your pregnancy & Finding out
Did you plan your pregnancy?
Did you have a hard time conceiving or was it easy?
Do you know exactly when you made your baby?
What made you decide to make this baby?
What made you keep it? if it was not planned
How many times did you think you where pregnan but was not?
Ok, so lets make this more interesting
How & when did you find out?
Did you take a home pregnancy test? what brand?
How many test did you take before confirming you where pregnant?
Was it the + - type or the type with only vertical lines?
where you nervouse or excited to take the test?
was anyone else there with you?
how did the babys father react?
who was the first person you told?
what was your reaction after the pregnancy test?
1st trimester
During the 1st month, what symptoms did you experience?
has any implantation bleeding?
if yes did it scare you? thinking you might loose the baby?
did you have sore breasts?
nausea or vomiting?
did you feel emotionally connected or not yet?
How did you feel during the second month? emotionally & fisically
Third month?
When did you start to show?
Did you have any braxton hicks contraction?
When did you experience them & how did they feel?
When did you choose your baby's name?
How did you choose it?
Have you bought anything for the baby?
What are somethings you really want to buy or get as a gift for your baby?
Have you or will you have a baby shower?
Will you plan it or someone else?
Do you know the baby showers theme?
What is the babys nursery theme?
Do you have experience taking care of newbors and children?
Are you confident about your abilities to care for your child?
Had any weird dreams or nightmares during your pregnancy?
Do you already love your baby or think you'll bond after its born?
Do you know if its a girl? or boy?
Are you finding out before birth? if so when?
What color do you prefer for your babys stuff?
How did your friends react?
If the father is involved (if not skip)
Are you currently in a relationship with him?
Do you live together?
Do you plan to get married?
Does his family like you?
Is he happy?
What was his first reaccion?
Does he go with you to appointments?
Does he talk to you about the pregnancy and baby?
What does he do to help you throu your pregnancy?
How involved is he?
Do you take any classes together?
any cute things he has done or said related to the pregnancy?
is he scared for when you go in labor?
does he want a boy or a girl?
do you think he will be a good father?
Preparing your self for labor
Are you curious about what labor will be like?
Do you get nervouse, scared, excited?
Are you well informed about labor? do you read books ?
Do you take classes to prepare?
what part of labor do you expect to be the most challenging?
do you really think you forget all about the pain once the baby is born?
do you think labor has to be painful?
are you afraid of something embaressing happening? what?
have you done anything to prepare your partner to coach you throu labor?
will you give birth in a hospital? home or birth center?
Do you have a midwife?
Do you have a doula?
Who do you want there when you are giving birth?
Do you plan to call others before you go into labor like friends and family
Do you want them to visit soon after the baby is born?
anyone you really dont want there, that you know will be there?
Have you packed your bags or made a list of items to take to the hospital?
Do you have a birth plan yet?
Do you have a c-section birth plan in case of emergency?
Do you want to give birth naturaly or c-section?
Tell me about your birth plan (for or against)
being induced?
soft cup vacum?
other pain medication?
labor aungmentation? pitocin or other methods
what are the main things you wrote in your birth plan?
anything else you'de like to say?
About him during labor
Do you thikn he will be nervous?
Do you think he will be supportive?
Will he feel bad for you if your in pain?
Do you want him to be there?
Do you trust him?
About your baby
How do you picture him or her?