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Author: hannerlikesyou
Created: April 27, 2010
Taken: 255 times
Rated: G

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iPod Shuffle :)

Created by hannerlikesyou and taken 255 times on Bzoink
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You're at a dance party & someone comes up to you & says:
Your Grandmother just died... she is:
(Insert song here) really annoys you
You are a movie director. You yell, "____, camera, action!"!
You're on the phone with your bf/gf & you say, "I think i'm going to:"
Someone drops your cookie & you yell:
You see Megan Fox at Walmart & scream:
You're on the phone with your mom, & couldn't understand her, so you say:
Oh No! Your room mate just puked EVERYWHERE & they say:
You like your drinks:
You fall in love with your brother, and think:
"I'm sorry, but I don't:
You are uncontrollably addicted to drugs & need:
You are going to die at:
You look at an old man & think:
You are at a club & a creeper walks up to you & says:
You think you are:
"Hello, (insert song here) Bob, & I'm gay :)
You are in France & see one of your friends, so you go up to them and:
You're bf/gf breaks up with you harshly & you think to yourself:
You are at a restaurant & yell to the waiter, "I need a":
Your kid comes home from school & they say to you:
You go to Hollywood & you are completely:
Your crush just got a gf/bf and you think to yourself:
You are giving your best friend a pep-talk and you say:
Your friend says to you, "may I":
You are having a conversation with your bf/gf and say, "I don't want to":
Your kid comes running into your room in the middle of the night & screams:
You get a 100% on your math test and whisper:
You look at your friend and say "let's go catch some":
"I'll love you,":