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Author: surveysarefunnnn
Created: April 27, 2010
Taken: 75 times
Rated: G

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a random long survey about everything!

Created by surveysarefunnnn and taken 75 times on Bzoink
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First, do you like school?
what's your favorite subject?
who do you sit next to in english?
social studies?
do you have alot of friends that go to your school?
what are you stereotyped as?
what's your least favorite subject?
do you feel safe in school?
hows the bus?
do you take it?
are you allowed to have ipod in class?
do you have a studyhall? or are you in choir?
Name 7 of your friends.
friend 1
friend 2
friend 3
friend 4
friend 5
friend 6
friend 7
Friend 1
can you trust them?
have you ever been to their house?
do you have any classes with her in school?
would she ever skydive?
would you ever see her shopping at american eagle?
are they your best friend?
how long have you known him/her?
would you ever date them?
have they had there first kiss?
Friend 2.
what kind of clothes do they wear?
do they care what people think about them?
are they boy/girl crazy?
whats the craziest thing they have ever done?
do they like the beach?
do they have a job?
what crowd do they hang out with?
would they be caught dead at a bowling alley?
Friend 3.
Do they like hannah montana?
are they funny or serious?
what kinds of grades do they get?
are they attractive?
have they ever been out of the country?
what kind of music do they like?
do you know any of their major secrets?
have you ever had a deep conversation with them?
do they have a cellphone?
do they like pictures?
Friend 4.
are they secure about their body?
would they ever steal?
have they ever done any drugs?
what kind of food do they like?
are they a serious person?
do they like school?
is it awkward when it's just you & them?
have you ever hungout with them outside school?
do they watch alot of tv?
do you consider them one of your 'best friends?'
overall, do you even like them?
Friend 5.
what is there most annoying habit?
are they full of them self?
do they like to party?
what are there thoughts on reading?
what color is their rooom?
have they ever done anything outrageous?
if you were at the mall, would you ever see them there?
whats there name?
Friend 6.
whens the last time you saw him/her?
where was it?
do you love them?
do they take things to seriously?
are they fun to be around?
do they like to do weird stuff?
do they get embarassed easily?
are they good at speaking in public?
would they kill themself for you?
Friend 7.
do you miss them?
have they ever gone skiing?
do they like summer,fall,winter,or spring the most?
what kinds of things do they enjoy?
do you guys have alot in common?
have they ever been drunk?
is it awkward when it's just you and him/her?
do you have a boyfriend?
are you single?
have you ever kissed anyone?
how far would you go?
are you waiting to have sex, until after marriage?
have you ever been in love?
do you have a crush right now?
when was your first crush?>
where did you meet the one you loved most?
which boy/girl do you think about the most?
do you guys text and talk on the phone alot?
when's the last time you talked to them?
do they know alot about you?
do you know alot about them?
if they were dying, what would your last words be to them?
what do they look like?
are you comfortable around them?
have you guys ever hung out? just you and them?
how much would you miss them if they moved?
have you ever felt this way before?
describe the feeling?
what song reminds you of them?
What's your favorite...
makeup product?
Cellphone stuff.
go to your inbox, what does you third text say?
who's the last person to call you?
who do you talk to most on the phone?
how many inbox messages do you have?
what color is your phone?
go to your pictures, what is the 4th most recent picture of?
would you rather talk on the phone or text?
have you ever gave out your number to a stranger?
what is the third number in you cell number?
do you like your phone?
is it a peice of shit?
what does your last sent text message say?
do you let other people touch your phone?
whens the last time you got a new phone?
do you want a new phone?
how many phones have you had?
list all your 'D' contacts
how many contacts do you have?
do you add random people?
do you absolutly love ringtones?
do you have music on your phone.
you wake up, and think...
your dad always says...
my moms a slut...your moms..
i love...
i fall off my bed..and say..
my best friend is so mad...she says
i feel like...
i dream about...
my favorite food is...
my favorite quote is...
i feel like flying...
miley cyrus is...
i go on my computer when...
the last time i saw you was...
i look in the mirror and think....