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Author: beckybbz
Created: May 1, 2010
Taken: 95 times
Rated: G

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random survey!! :)

Created by beckybbz and taken 95 times on Bzoink
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all about you
what is your name?
how old are you?
hair colour?
do you have freckles?
how tall are you?
family members?
item of clothing?
genre of music?
eye colour?
hair colour?
hair length?
musical instrument
shoe brand
makeup brand
school lesson
this or that?
coke or pepsi?
diet or full sugar pepsi/ coke?
juice or soda?
coffee or tea?
this of that?
hot or cold?
facebook or myspace?
bebo or twitter?
dog or cat?
fish or snake?
slippers or socks?
jeans or trousers?
rock or rap?
band or solo artist?
guitar or drums?
black or blue?
yellow or purple?
scary or comedy movie?
friends or family?
music or tv?
tap or whack?
save the world or do some knitting?
build a house of go to mars?
watch tv or go on the wii fit?
go shopping or to a footy match?
listen to muse or arctic monkeys?
play guitat hero or rock band?
listen to the beetles or my chemical romance?
madonna or take that?
bob the builder or engie benjy?
wii or ps3?
u2 or florence and the machine?
britney spears or glee cast?
be sick or throw up?
laugh or be laughed at (in a good way)?
green blue yellow blue or orange?
dance mats or racing game?
dance mats or just dance?
bill or ben?
milo or fizz?
bella or jake?
po or lala?
tinky winky or dipsy?
monster or alien?
hello or goodbye?
yes or no?
waffle or pancake?
cheese or tomato?
pizza or pasta?
banana or apple?
italian food or indian food?
frankie and bennys or macdonalds?
chocolate or crisps?
ice or water?
galaxy or cadburys?
slide or swing?
see saw or sand pit?
itunes or spotify?
movies or tv shows?
internet or tv?
zebra or cheetah?
star wars or star treck?