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Author: chelsea-jade-34
Created: May 3, 2010
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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Whats your favorite joke.? --the inside one. (;(;(;

Created by chelsea-jade-34 and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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Nilla--this is for you (gorgeous.) <33
About your Other Half (+) because thats what life is all about. (=
How many surveys have you taken today.? Addicting, right.? I know.
Your favorite thing about them.?
Sounds cliche, but say something only the two of you understand:
Can I get a song.?
Could you describe what they wore to school today.? haha. creep-o.
Do you make up words with each other.?
Ha. Lets hear em:::
The best time you've ever had together.?
How often do you see them.?
When was the last time you told them you loved them.?
You think they'll end up reading this sometime.?
How long have you two been together.?
In what way are you each others Other Half.? Dating.? Bestfriends.?
Ha. Love this....Will you back me up here.? Finish the sentence.
Veta--this is all you babe (= <3 xxoxo
I call her/him...
They'll love when...
We both...
I say creative, you say...
We have the best time when we...
We cant ever....
We're the same, but....
School.? Ha....
They wouldnt ever....
We're ready for...
One. Two....
Milk in my.?....
For you Losers I havent mentioned yet. (= ha. Ebonnay! (=
The last time....
What does the last text you recieved from them say.?
Show me what their name looks like in your phone--->
Talk on the phone much.? When was the last convo.?
Last Hug--
Kiss.??? Ha. You wish (;
Last place you were together:
Last time they made you smile:
Last time they bought you something.?
What was it.??? Awwww. Sweet (= Suck-Up.
Hate.Hate.Hate to do this.....
Anything you'd like to say to them.?
Love You! (=
No! (I) Love you more. (=