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Author: rockin-muffin
Created: May 12, 2010
Taken: 325 times
Rated: PG

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now that she's back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair. . .

Created by rockin-muffin and taken 325 times on Bzoink
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! welcome ! (:
what would your name be with just the first three letters?
how long do you think you could go without swearing?
do you want to know the date of your death and/or how you die?
ever done any type of drugs?
do your past mistakes make you a better person?
do you know someone with the same birthday as you?
why did you last take the pill you took?
describe the happiest day of your life.
why did you last give someone the finger?
are you procrastinating with anything? what is it?
why do you hate the person (people) you hate?
do you like tea?
if so, do you prefer hot or cold tea?
black, green, or white tea?
what do you like in your tea? (sugar, honey, etc.)
if you don't like tea, do you like coffee?
favorite way to play music? (records, cds, mp3 players/ipods, etc.)
are you in a band? what's the band name? what instrument do you play?
how much money do you have on you?
have any funky colored pens you like to write with?
do you prefer regular wooden pencils or mechanical?
favorite form of art?
do you listen to music in foreign languages?
do you prefer sweet, sour, salty, spicy or flavorless?
what's your favorite class in school and why?
have you ever smoked weed?
if so do you do it regularly?
if not, do you ever want to try it?
ever been to a foreign country? what one(s)?
do you know what song the title is from?
are you taking an art class? if so, do you like it?
what's your favorite media to work with?
least favorite teacher and why?
do you own any type of hand or body lotion? what scent is it?
ever heard of jackson pollock?
ever been to an outdoor concert such as the bamboozle fest or warped tour?
who was your fourth grade teacher?
what is your favorite kind of car? (sports cars, muscle, trucks, SUVS, etc)
put your music collection/ipod/mp3 player on shuffle. first song?
second song?
third song?
which song is your favorite out of those three?
do any of them have any sort of significance to you?
which one do you like the least?
favorite type of food? (chinese, american, italian, etc.)
do you like freckles?
did you know that in japan they have square watermelons?
what's your favorite song?
do you like pink floyd?
what's your middle name?
what's the date?
what time is it?