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Author: xtabithaxo
Created: May 14, 2010
Taken: 194 times
Rated: PG

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I can rescue you when you need two arms to fall into you know exactly where I'll be just look for me

Created by xtabithaxo and taken 194 times on Bzoink
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Do you think the sound of rain is soothing?
Have you ever eavesdropped on someones conversation?
Do you still play the slugbug no slugbug back game?
Has anyone ever told you to grow up?
Have you ever had a staring contest with a pet? xP It's fun!
When you were little did you measure yourself alot to see how much you grew
Do you always win or lose at the silence game?
Have you ever tried to read in the dark?
Have you ever felt guilty when someone close to you died?
Don't you hate it when u start to feel hungry just after u brushed ur teeth
Have you ever ate a bug?
Have you ever got a piece of glass stuck in your foot?
Do you think apple jacks is a good cereal?
Do you make excuses alot or know someone that does?
Do you think pit bulls are as mean as everyone says they are?
Have you ever done something that gave someone the wrong impression?
Has someone ever gave you something then took it back?
Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction?
At this age you are now, have you colored in a coloring book & had fun?
Have you ever had a bubble bath?
When eating, are you more concerned with the taste or healthiness?
Have you ever shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean?
Do your fingers ever get tired from typing?
Have you ever tried picking up an item with your foot?
What's your opinion on sporks?
Have you ever picked a wedgie in front of someone?
If you had nowhere else to go, which friend of yours would let u stay over?
Do you know anyone who has been a victim of a drunk driver?
Don't you hate it when people try to act like they know it all?
Are you nosy?
Is there someone that makes your life hell?
Have you ever been ditched by your friends?
If someone could see into your heart, what do you think they would see?
Has someone ever sneaked up on you & scared the shit out of you?
How long does it take you to brush your teeth?
Do you listen to your little devil or angel more often?
Have you ever went to bed angry at someone?
Who do you call when you forget what your homework assignment is?
Do you interrupt people while they're speaking?
Have you ever stepped on a crack & was scared it would break ur mama's back
Are you a rulebreaker?
Have you ever cut in line?
Does it annoy you when people excessively clear their throat?
What would you do if you became an overnight celebrity?
What was the last thing to blow your mind?
Have you ever got caught up in a web of lies?
Do you know someone who can't keep a secret?
When you played follow the leader,were u usually the follower or the leader
Does it annoy you when people copy you?
Do you think good things come to those who wait?
Have you ever made a pinky promise? Have you ever broke a pinky promise?
Have you ever played pin the tail on the donkey? :D
Have you ever hit a pinata?
Do you have good aim?
Have you ever walked into a room & all eyes were on you?
What would you do if someone forbid you to see the 1 you love?
Do you believe everyone has a twin out there somewhere?
Do you listen to your gut feelings/intuition?
Have you ever felt replaced?
Do you show your true colors?
Have you ever asked cha cha a question?
What would you do if your best friend was marrying someone you can't stand?
what would you do if your car got impounded?
Do you lose your patience easily?
Do you think putting paper in a shredder is fun?
Are there any weird or creepy legends about the area you live in?
What would you do if a skunk sprayed you?
Would you drink a gallon of sour milk for $250?
Has someone ever thrown something at you & it landed down your shirt?
What makes you feel sensational?
What toys did you play with in the bathtub as a kid?
Do you like jumping off diving boards?
Do you follow ingredients when you cook or do u do what you think is right?
Do you space out a lot?
Do energy drinks make you feel jittery?
Do you have anything you want to confess to?
Have you ever been to summer camp?
Do you wear name brands?
Have you ever had a love/hate relationship?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with problems?
Do you wear skin tight or loose fitted clothes?
Do you ever just listen to music & ignore the whole world around you?
Are you good at bingo?
Have you ever taken an adventure in a corn field?
Do you believe anything is possible if you set your mind to it?
Have you ever watched a cats behavior while on cat nip?
Have you ever ate so much that you felt like u gained 10 pounds right then?
Have you ever sat back and watched someone change right before your eyes?
Have you ever tasted the rain?
Have you ever ate yellow snow :O?
Have you ever snuck into the adults section at a video store?
Have you ever had frost bite?
Do you start or settle arguments?
Are you capable of moving on or do you dread on things for awhile?
THE END <33 thanks :)