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Author: rockin-muffin
Created: May 14, 2010
Taken: 98 times
Rated: PG

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i have become comfortably numb. . .

Created by rockin-muffin and taken 98 times on Bzoink
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! welcome (: !
ever heard of the band the used? if so, what do you think about them?
favorite instrument in a rock band? (guitar, bass, drums, etc.)
ever done anything illegal? like what?
favorite south park character? (if you like that show)
favorite bug?
do you ever use art as a way to vent or show your emotions?
ever heard of johnny the homicidal maniac?
what about invader zim?
favorite book? what's it about?
favorite song? who's it by?
what do you have posters of on your walls?
what types of clothing are you most likely to wear?
ever heard of buckethead?
favorite artist?
favorite flavor of chapstick?
what does your incense burner look like? (if you have one.)
favorite beatles song?
which of your friends is the most loving?
have you ever wanted to be a scientist of some sort?
what is your least favorite type of music?
what was the best concert you've ever been to?
what's your favorite type of flower?
ever owned a horse?
what does your wallet look like?
favorite soda?
most trippy song you've ever heard?
favorite time of day? why?
are you more like your mom or dad? in what ways?
if you could learn to play any instrument, which would you pick?
do you like to ride horses?
ever ridden any animal other than a horse? (elephant, camel, etc.)
do you own any cool looking lighters? what do they look like?
ever heard of the holiday 4 20? what are your thoughts on that?
do you really believe the world will end in 2012? (corrected this. sorry.)
what is your religion?
would you consider buddhism more of a religion or a philosophy?
favorite pokemon?
do you prefer milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate?
ever had a panic attack?
have you ever smoked weed? if so, what did you act like while high?
do you like photography?
what cell phone do you have?
do you know anyone who's *truly* a hippie?