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Author: turtleshapedpancake
Created: May 28, 2010
Taken: 3,763 times
Rated: PG

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ten sets of ten questions :) om nom nom.

Created by turtleshapedpancake and taken 3763 times on Bzoink
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ONE - HI THERE ! It's an intro !
What do most people call you?
In what month is your birthday?
What country were you born in?
Do you have siblings? How many, if you do?
Who do you live with?
Are you in a relationship?
Do you go to school?
What mood are you in right now?
What does your shirt look like?
What's your zodiac sign?
TWO - Your Appearance
If you could have plastic surgery on any one body part, what would it be?
Are you satisfied with your hair?
Do you have a hitchhikers or a straight thumb?
What colour are your eyes?
Do you have any tan lines?
How old do people usually think you are?
What about your appearance do you get complimented on the most?
Are you comfortable with your weight?
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Where?
How tall are you?
THREE - True or False.
I love winter.
I have eaten meat in the past five days.
I have painted a room in a house.
I can whistle.
My keyboard is black.
I have never bought something off an infomercial.
I own a snuggie / would like to own a snuggie.
I bite my pens / pencils.
I wear glasses / contacts.
My nails are painted right now.
FOUR - Childhood Memories ! (Cue the 'AWWW')
What was your all time favourite movie as a kid?
Do you still have your first pair of shoes somewhere?
Did you have anything you always dragged around the house, like a blanket?
What toy did you play with the most?
Did you ever bring your favourite toys in the bathtub?
Did you used to take baths with siblings/cousins?
Are you still friends with your best friends from long ago?
Do your parents ever tell you stories about how cute/silly you were?
Did you go to the park often?
What was a typical outfit for the 5-year-old you?
FIVE - FAVOURITES ! (Yes, I spell it with a 'u')
Picture of yourself.
Pair of sunglasses.
Aspect of nature.
Word to say.
SIX - Love Life ;)
Who was the first person to ever ask you out?
What does your ideal date consist of?
What's one thing your partner must be able to accept about you?
Does your ideal person have any special talents? Such as...?
Do your parents like the person you're with? (Or the last person)
Do you like pet names?
What is your age range?
What is one attribute that your ideal partner must have?
When was the last time someone seriously said "I love you." to you?
Have you ever been in more than one relationship at a time?
SEVEN - The wonderful world of the Internet !
What is your most used website?
Do you play any online games?
Which chat program do you use most often?
Facebook vs Myspace- which is better?
Is there someone you met online that you'd like to meet in person?
Have you ever sold something on Ebay or Craigslist?
Have you ever gone on Chatroulette? Or Omegle video?
Are there any videos of yourself on Youtube?
Mac or PC?
Have you ever Googled your name?
EIGHT - This or That?
Twilight or Harry Potter?
French fries or potato wedges?
Liquid or tape white out?
Digital or film camera?
Nail clippers or nail scissors?
Rock, paper, or scissors?
Beard or mustache?
Knee high or ankle socks?
Hockey or basketball?
Mr Clean or sponge and 'the other leading cleaning product'?
NINE - Be cool, stay in school! Ugh no that was a lame rhyme..
What subject are/were you best at?
How old will you be when you graduate high school / how old were you?
Isn't there that point in the year when you stop caring so much?
Do/did you have any really cool teachers?
Who is/was your most strict teacher?
Where do/did you sit at lunch?
What do/did you do at recess?
There's always that one kid who no one really knows, right?
Is/was your cafeterias food actually any good?
Do/did you have a stereotypical school, with all those cliques and such?
TEN - Randomly Platypus.
Do you like your toothbrush really wet when you're brushing your teeth?
What song are you currently obsessed with?
What was the stupidest dare you've ever done?
Do you enjoy playing with tape?
What's one word/phrase you say too much?
When was the last time you went trick-or-treating?
What did you last use a knife for?
When you open a pack of gum, why is everyone your best friend?
What has been on your mind way too much?
Did you actually enjoy my survey?
END :( I hope you had fun ! I'll miss you ...