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Author: jaerock30
Created: June 10, 2010
Taken: 123 times
Rated: G

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**The Only Survey You Ever Have To Take**

Created by jaerock30 and taken 123 times on Bzoink
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What is your full name?
What color are your eyes?
What color is your skin?
How long is your hair?
What color is it?
How tall are you?
How big or small is your butt, honestly?
What is your sexual orientation?
What's your race/ethnicity?
Freckles are angel kisses, have any?
Where's your tickle spot?
It's a Family Affair
Do you have a family nickname?
If so, what is it?
Who gave it to you?
What does your father do for work?
What does your mother do for work?
Where did your parents meet?
Are your parents still married/together?
If so, for how long?
If not, do you have any step siblings?
If yes, do you get along with them?
When was your last family reunion?
What is the fondest memory you have with your family?
How's your relationship with your mother?
How's your relationship with your father?
How's your relationship with your siblings?
Ready To Take On The World
What was your first job?
How old were you?
What was your favorite job?
What was your least favorite job?
What is your current job?
What's your dream job?
Do you think you will get it by 25 years old?
Are you currently enrolled in school?
If so, what school is it?
What is your major/minor?
Do you have a car?
What kind of car is it?
Do you love it or hate it?
Have you ever raced cars before?
Are you religious?
If yes, what religion?
Do you attend the place of worship regularly?
What 3 things can you never live without?
A Trip Into The Past
Describe your childhood home:
Describe your home now:
Where is the best place you've lived?
What was your old neighborhood like?
What was your backyard like?
What's your backyard like now?
What one thing do you wish you still had?
What was your favorite vacation spot?
What was your favorite game as a kid?
What's your favorite game now?
Do you prefer baths or showers?
^How about when you were a kid?
Do you know how to ride a bike?
If so, how old were you when you learned?
What was the happiest day of your life?
What was the saddest?
What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
Cooking...how good or bad are you at it?
How old were you when you made your first dish?
Do you remember what it was?
What was your favorite meal and snack when you were a kid?
How about now?
What was your favorite halloween costume?
Do you still dress up for Halloween?
Were you a daddy's girl?
Precious Pets
What was your favorite pet as a kid?
What are your favorite animals?
What are your least favorite animals?
Doggie love, do you have one?
What kind of pets do you have?
What are their names?
Little Monsters
Do you have any kids?
If so, how many and what are their names?
How old are they?
If not, do you want any kids?
If you don't want kids, why not?
If so, when do you want to start?
Celebration Time!
How do you celebrate Easter?
Independence Day?
Father's Day?
Mother's Day?
New Years?
^Did you get a midnight kiss last year?
^If so, from who?
Girls Night Out?
Did You Ever...
Perform in a Christmas program?
Go on a hayride?
Bob for apples?
Pray at bedtime as a child?
Get an allowance as a kid?
Perform in a play/musical?
Play sports on a team?
^Which ones?
Play an instrument?
^Which ones?
Travel to anywhere exotic?
If so, where?
Fly on an airplane?
^How many times?
^To Where?
Believe in angels?
Sleep with a teddy bear?
If so, did you name them?
Go camping?
If so, how many times?
^How was it?
Connect the dots, get chicken pox?
Cheat on anyone you were with?
Ride a motorcycle?
Get in trouble with the law?
If you did, how?
^What was your sentence?
^Did you learn your lesson?
Kiss in the rain?
Get your butt grabbed by a complete stranger?
Get Grounded?
Go to a parade?
^Which ones?
^Do you still go?
Have a pregnancy scare?
If so, when?
^Who would've been the babies father?
Go to Prom?
If so, with who?
^What color did/will you wear?
^Where was it/will it be?
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Did you ever get a really memorable valentine?
If so, from who?
^What was memorable about it?
Who was your first love?
^How old were you both?
^Do you still keep in contact?
Have you been heartbroken?
If yes, by who?
Have you ever broken someone's heart?
If so, whos?
Did you ever go on a blind date?
If yes, how did it go?
How old were you when you had your first kiss?
^Who was it with?
^Do you still talk to them?
Have you had a summer love before?
^Why aren't you still together?
Teenage crush, who was yours?
Lost love...is there a love you lost?
If so, who?
^How did you lose them?
^Do you want them back?
What is the fondest memory you have of an ex?
Whats the most romantic thing you've done for someone else?
What's the most romantic thing someone else has done for you?
Have you ever received roses from a spouse?
^What color were they?
When was your first date?
^How was it?
Did you have a high school sweetheart?
If yes, who?
^Are you still intouch?
Who was your first Valentine?
^How was it?
^What gifts did you exchange?
My Love & Relationship Life
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
If so, who?
How long have you been together?
What's your anniversary?
How did you meet?
Where was your first kiss at?
^What kind of kiss was it?
Whats the fondest memory you have with them so far?
How many siblings do they have?
If any, do you get along with eachother?
How is your relationship with their parents?
Have you exchanged
Have you been naughty or nice?
Are you romantic with eachother?
What's the most romantic thing you've done together?
Do you enjoy cuddling with your
Do you think you've found your everlasting love?
If yes, what makes you believe this?
What is the most important aspect of as person to you?
What is your dream man/woman like?
Do you have a dream wedding planned for yourself?
If so, do you believe it's realistic?
Do you have a
Have you ever cheated on anyone before?
If so, why?
Have you ever tried stealing someone from their bf/gf?
If yes, what happened?
Who was the....
Most romantic person you've dated?
Most funny?
Sweetest one of all?
Most mean?
Most giving to you?
Sexiest/Most handsome?
Unfaithful one?
Most truthful?
Favorite teacher of yours?
Most important person in your life?
^Why is that?
Closest friend to you in preschool?
^Elementary school?
^Junior High?
^High School?
^College(If you've been)
One to give you your name?
^Why did they choose that?
One person who had the most impact on you as a person?
One to have the most impact on your career?
One to have/will have the most impact on raising your kids?
Through My Eyes...
What are your views on adoption?
^Would you ever do it?
What are your views on gay marriage?
Do you picture yourself marrying the same-sex?
How do you feel about the war?
^Do you know anyone in the military?
^If so, what's their relationship to you?
One Word That Describes Your...
Drama & Friends
Who do you consider your closest friend?
^How long have you known them?
^How did you meet?
Is there anyone you secretly admire?
Do you like drama?
^Do you start it usually?
^If so, why?
What's the most drama you've been involved with?
^What happened in the end?
What group(s) did you hang out with in high school?
Were you popular?
Did you ditch class?
My Style Is Blinding
On a scale from 1-10, how much does style mean to you?
What kind of style do you have?
Do you wear glasses?
^How about shades?
What's the most drastic thing you've ever done to your hair?
How often do you change your hair style?
What is the last thing you've done to it?
What's your favorite hairstyle on yourself?
What's your favorite hairstyle overall?
Do you wear hats?
If so, what kind is your favorite?
What are your favorite kinds of shoes?
How often do you shop for clothes?
Whats the most amount of $$ you've spent during one shopping spree?
Honestly, are you a good dancer?
^How many people have told you that?
Can you sing well?
^If yes, how many people have heard you sing?
Bible verse?
Fast food?
Amusement Park?
Subject in school?
Flavor(Vanilla, chocolate, etc)?
Place to visit?
Style of music?
T.V. Show?
Type of clothing?
Thing to do on a Saturday night?
Thing to do on a Friday night?
Music instrument?
Got Milk?
Got Dirt?
Got Cookies?
Got Love?
Got Money?
Got Chocolate?
I Love...
To dance or____?
____(Sports Favorite)?
______(Favorite Candy)?
To laugh?