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Author: cakestheheathen
Created: June 20, 2010
Taken: 47 times
Rated: PG

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What a dirty laddio

Created by cakestheheathen and taken 47 times on Bzoink
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Do you use Herbal Essences shampoo?
Is there a hammock anywhere on your property?
Do you hate it when rich kids flaunt their parents' money?
Especially since they have it out of no accomplishment of their own...
Have you ever been anywhere considered tropical paradise?
Which do you place more value on: wealth, intelligence, or beauty?
Do you know anybody who is schizoid?
How awful is your vision?
Does your bedroom have a *theme*?
Do you like whales? Why or why not?
How do you feel about drilling after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?
Do you envy people who seem to have every National Geographic mag issue?
Have you ever told anybody to kill themselves? Why?
If our troops are fighting for our freedoms, then why do people get so...
upset when people practice their freedom to speak against patriotism?
Do you consider yourself a patriot of your country? Why or why not?
On a plane, do you prefer window or aisle seat?
What kind of music DON'T you like?
Do you think America has any right to impose its values on other nations?
On the internet, have you ever called somebody you've never even seen ugly?
Did you know that Jesus abhorred greed and materialism?
So why does it seem like the most religious people in America are wealthy?
Would you ever try heroin, cocaine, or meth?
Do you only like to smile when you have a reason?
Do you take your own surveys like I do? (heh)
Why do you even like taking surveys?
Have you ever seen a wild whale?
What about a captive whale?
What is your favorite big cat? (Lion, tiger, leopard, etc.)
Do you know the breeds of domestic cats, or are they all just cats to you?
Do you agree with the legal drinking age where you live? What is it?
If you were dictator of the world...
What would be the first 3 laws you'd implement?
Do you try to change kids that are as awful as you were at that age?
Do you have a Tumblr or other blog? What do you blog about?
Can u remember specifics like best, worst, or funniest moment in ur life?
Do you blame others for your pain, or take personal responsibility?
Do you think somebody is ready for life just because they're 18?
Did ya know the human brain doesn't actually finish maturing until near 25?
Do you consider yourself mature or immature for your age? Why?
Do you wear black in the summer?
When is the last time you had sex?
If you got the death penalty, would you kill yourself before they could?
List all the species of whales that you possibly can
Do I really need to inform you this is the end of the survey?