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Author: heavenwasntmadeforme
Created: July 2, 2010
Taken: 75 times
Rated: PG

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I'm the better of two evils. (Are we alike?)

Created by heavenwasntmadeforme and taken 75 times on Bzoink
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Your almost 14
You love marilyn manson
You find that dobot chicken show amusing
Your room is very clean
You love your cat
You are exicted about having your own kids
You want to be an obgyn
You love music and taking pictures
You have your nails painted black
And your toenails
Your grass on your lanw is cut
In the winter your dry everywhere
You love the spring
You used to live in a trailer
You love eyeliner
You have two sibilings
You have a youtube account
You have two friends
You dont like people
Your socially akward
Your not very friendly
You love to read
You love a clean house
You lke trees
You are against abortion
You think justin beiber is a fag
Your a girl
You love cats
You want a lot of tattos and peircings
You want to go to college
You love the sims 3
You have a new computer
Your listining to music
You need AAA batteries
You had a power outage yesterday
You have at least 10 pillows on your bed
You have a messy house
You do your own laundry
You like going in the woods
You and your friends used to be a cult
You have 3 stories in your house including the basement
You hide your emotions and problems
You hate facebook
You love myspace
Your birthday is coming soon