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Author: vandalisedsheep
Created: July 2, 2010
Taken: 103 times
Rated: PG

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Hmmm...maybe I should stop making surveys and get on with cooking dinner.

Created by vandalisedsheep and taken 103 times on Bzoink
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Do you hate it when people rate their surveys "R" but none of the questions
are R rated? (sorry, ran outta space!)
Do you ever actively seek out R rated surveys 'cause you think they're fun?
Have you ever taken the tests on sites like "OK Cupid" or similar?
When was the last time you went out for a coffe/cup of tea?
Do you remember what TV shows you liked as a kid? (If you watched it)
Does stress ever affect you physically? If yes, how?
Do you like prissy little girly-girls? Or are you one yourself?
Who (in your opinion) deserves a medal and why?
Who was in power in your country the year you were born?
In your opinion were they a good president/prime minister/leader?
Do you own a coffee table? If yes, what is it made out of?
When did you last eat a parsnip?
Do you think parsnips look kinda like anemic carrots? :-p
Is it just me or is TV seriously "dumbing down"?
Do you ever watch films and rip them apart for their innacuracies?
Do you prefer your partners to be taller or shorter than you?
Can you smell anything?
Would you describe yourself as "conventional" in the bedroom?
Or are you more fun than that? Lol.
Did you have a money box as a kid? What shape was it if you did?
When was the last time your stomach rumbled?
Are your nails long?
Have you ever bitten a person for fun? Lol.
What's your favourite tree?
What do you currently need to buy?
Has kids TV ever frightened you?
Do you have any potted plants in your house?
Do you like solitude?
Is there any religion which intrigues you above all others?
Do you use the PC to "chat" often?
Are you much of a gamer?
I know it's a common question, but, why do you take surveys?
Do you like meeting or talking to new people via the world wide web?
Do you often wear belts?
When did you last say a nursery rhyme?
Did you like climbing trees as a kid?
Do you still secretly like climbing trees, given the chance to do so? Ha
Do you find it flattering or "cheesy" when strangers wink at you?
Do you ever shop online?
Hmmm...I'm out...need to get to the shops! Bye (See, how polite am I?!)