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Author: ilovej3t
Created: July 2, 2010
Taken: 131 times
Rated: G

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i guess you'll never know the trainwreck that i am.(are we alike?)

Created by ilovej3t and taken 131 times on Bzoink
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answer yes or no or whatever ya want to(:
you get hyper very easily.
you're atheist.
you're single.
you trust your best friend with any of your secrets.
you love volleyball.
you have one brother.
you have one sister.
your favorite color is blue.
you're proud to be irish.
you're cherokee.
you have a pool in your back yard.
you love hollywood undead.
you're quiet.
when you're loud, you're LOUD.
boston celtics are your favorite NBA team.
you're a yankees fan.
you don't like to read.
you love the beach.
you're afraid of thunderstorms.
you love sour patch kids.
you actually like water.
you hate people who dip.
your family has a history of being alcoholics.
you like cats more than dogs.
you have an EnV3.
you actually like to go to the gym.
you suck at tennis, but still enjoy playing it.
you can't drive.. yet.
your mom is insane.
you love the lonely island.
you wear contacts.
you're very confusing.
you can confuse yourself easily.
you saw the NEW karate kid, and loved it.
you love facebook, not myspace.
you're awesome!
you have blue eyes(: