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Author: yourheaventonight
Created: July 4, 2010
Taken: 587 times
Rated: R

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A cross upon her bedroom wall; from grace she will fall.

Created by yourheaventonight and taken 587 times on Bzoink
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You hate these 'Are we alike?' surveys, but you still can't resist them.
You are female.
You are eighteen years of age.
Your hair is an unnatural (but tasteful) shade of red.
You have brown eyes.
You are single.
You have one older brother.
You are third generation Russian and Polish.
You live in Florida.
^And it is just way too fucking hot for you.
You are currently waiting to get a piercing.
You have lots of tattoos already planned out.
You write, but don't really consider yourself a 'writer'.
You love photography (and not because it's 'popular' these days).
You drink tea and coffee on a regular basis.
Gore generally makes you laugh.
You basically write down everything because you're afraid you'll forget.
You're a 'highschool drop-out'.
^And you're currently working towards your GED.
You don't really care what anyone thinks about you.
You Tweet excessively and shamelessly.
It bothers you that almost every statement on this thing begins with 'you'.
Winter is your favorite season.
You know every word to Badlands by Bruce Springsteen.
^And you're not ashamed to admit it. c:
You're afraid to go to sleep most nights.
You have a blog and you're not afraid to use it. :D
'Cheesy', 'dorky', 'weird' and 'freaky' are all terms that apply to you.
You are not religious.
^You are spiritual.
You can't resist making your mom jokes.
^Or 'that's what she said' jokes.
You have a minor obsession with travel-sized objects.
Hades is a BAMF. <3
^You actually know who Hades is. (Lawlz.)
You plan on getting two kittens and naming them Hades and Apollo.
Serial killers never cease to both amaze and fascinate you.
You have a thing for anything vintage or gothic.
You don't have a lot of patience for stupid people.
You tell your fair share of racist jokes.
You think neck tattoos are sexyy.
You want a mosh pit at your wedding. :D
The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe made you cry.
You get showtunes stuck in your head on a daily basis.
You eat emo kids for breakfast.
^And then follow up with a helping of scene kids for lunch.
You secretly want to become a zombie-human hybrid.
You strongly believe in peace through superior firepower.
You hate hippies.
You actually take the time to look up words you don't know the meanings to.
You have a habit of calling everything 'ridiculous'.
You love Skwisgaar from Metalocalypse. :D
You wish to invest in a pair of plaid pants.
You love scaring people--literally and figuratively.
You hate the Fourth of July.
You get excited over new pens and notebooks.
^And basically any other kind of art supplies.
You have a thing for Mustangs. (The car, not the horse.)
You shamelessly jam to 'Don't Stop Believing' every chance you get.
You think boundaries are overrated. :D
You rarely drink soda.
You always procrastinate until the very last possible minute.
Your favorite font on Microsoft Word is 'calibri'.
You enjoy talking in various fake accents.
The only time you ever thought Brad Pitt was sexy was when he was in 'Troy'
You can make the fuck out of some brownies. c:
You don't do well with change.
You always listen to music before going to sleep.
You fought the law and the law won. :D
You thought this was gay.
^And you now want to lodge a battle axe into my brain.