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Author: ashleybayle
Created: July 7, 2010
Taken: 138 times
Rated: G

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We're all living in Amerika, Amerika, it's wunderbarrr.

Created by ashleybayle and taken 138 times on Bzoink
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Are you one of those lucky people to own a walk-in closet?
Is there a random object you own that has a huge personal significance?
Do you use Google?
Would you like to go swimming right now?
Can you play electric guitar?
Do you have an HDTV?
When was the last time you drank something through a straw?
Have you ever tried to teach yourself a different language?
What do you think makes you unique from others?
How long was your last phone call?
Do you need to repaint your nails?
Has there ever been a horoscope that came true for you?
Are you a fan of industrial metal?
Are you one of those people who chew two pieces of gum, not one?
Do you have a wall calendar?
Have you ever taken the pictures from a calendar and used them as posters?
Can you handle the cold?
Have you ever been to Canada?
Do you believe in superstitions?
When was the last time you took a taxi somewhere?
Would you ever join the army, airforce or navy?
How old is the person you last kissed?
Is there a friend that you can always rely on to get you out of a jam?
What was the most embarassing thing you've had to buy?
Have you ever tried to balance the light switch between off and on?
Do you believe in ghosts / supernatural occurences?
Have you ever mistaken a person's gender?
What was the most expensive thing you've broken?
Has anyone texted you yet today?
Did you stay calm during the whole swine flu scare?
Is there a light on in the room you're currently in?
Are your feet touching the floor?
Have you ever been in a car accident?
Do you usually make back up plans?
Can you focus well in high-stress situations?
Without the aid of mascara, do you have long eyelashes?
Is there a kind of music you listen to that helps you release your anger?
Are you one of those people who keep their feelings bottled up?
Is one of your friends extremely odd but you love them regardless?
Is there anyone you dread going into public with?
Are you a victim of writing run-on sentences?
Graffiti: an art or an act of vandalism?
Do you buy things online?
Are you easily frightened?
Do you have a favorite model?
Have you ever watched Titanic?
What's your current facebook display picture of?
How about your IM display picture?
Is there anyone whose hair you envy?
Would you act in a movie if offered a role?
Does speaking in front of people make you nervous?
Can you read in a moving vehicle or does it make you sick?
Have you ever dated someone who was extremely shy?
Or have you dated someone who took things too fast?
Does the idea of driving 220 mph sound exciting to you?
Everyone has a weakness, what's yours?
Do you or anyone you know have an account on Deviantart?
Thoughts on the Dunkin Donutcommercial that says "America runs on Dunkin'"?
Do you bother buying movies on DVD anymore or do you just download them?
Do you listen to Daughtry?
Do you get your eyebrows waxed?
How do you take your coffee?
If you have a dog, what breed is it?
Do you make up nicknames to refer to people you don't like?
Have you found someone who makes you unconditionally happy?
Do you have a friend who always seems to be dying their hair?
Would you swap names with a friend?
Do you plan on going to university?
Guys who wear muscle shirts, yes or no?
Are you a fan of Carrie Underwood?
Do you make playlists on iTunes?
Have you ever forgotten someone's birthday?
Are you scared of being left behind?
Do you remember your last dream?
Do you know someone who is an obsessed Star Wars fan?
Is politics something you don't care about?
What's a movie/tvshow/book/series that is way overrated?
Do you think Barbie presents an unhealthy image to young girls?
Is there a pet that you desperately want?
Would you ever get your bellybutton pierced?
Are you musically talented?
Have you ever shot a gun?
Do you have a friend that always changes their mind last second?
Are you not afraid to voice your opinion?
Are you one of those people who are always pushing their limits?
Is there a word that you will always find humorous?
Do you frown upon immature people?
Have you ever slipped on ice and hurt yourself?
Do you try to have an intimidating impression?
Living in the big city or chilling in the country?
Do you pity women in history who had to wear corsets?
No one seems to obey the legal drinking age, do they?
Do you like your country's flag?
Have you ever made a totally amazing snow fort?
Do you use Bounty Paper Towels?
Are you the one usually behind the camera or the one in the picture?
If you get married, will you have a traditional wedding?
Do you feel your slowly losing one of your friends?
If you draw, what's one thing you always have trouble with?
Is there someone you know moving away any time soon?
Do you ever go on Tyra.com?
Allergic to anything?
How many cars have you owned?
What are you going to do after this?