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Author: knaasty
Created: July 7, 2010
Taken: 39 times
Rated: G

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Summer Adventures , anyone ? (:

Created by knaasty and taken 39 times on Bzoink
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I know youre bad , but have you done THIS this summer ? (;
Made out with a bestfriend ?
Took someone's boyfriend ?
Drank alcohol ?
Smoked ?
Jumped off a roof ?
Set fireworks off ?
Went midnight swimming ?
Had a sleepover ?
Took pictures with your friends ?
Lets make this summer more memorable than prom <3
What do you do every summer ?
Do you hate swimming ?
Do you take foundation and concealer to the beach ?
I hate being on my period and swimming , you ?
How many bathing suits do you own ?
Summer nights or summer days ?
Do you get sick alot over summer ?
Are you dreading going back to school ?
Whats your summer theme song ?
Do you live close to a beach ?
Do you do your hair different in the summer ?
Do you still wear jeans and sweats in the summer ?
Do you consider yourself part fish ?
Whats your favorite summer food ?
Whats your favorite summer holiday ?
Is your birthday in the summer ?
What has been your favorite summer so far ?
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