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Author: thesarafurter
Created: July 19, 2010
Taken: 864 times
Rated: G

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iTunes on Shuffle (Spelling and Grammar Are Excellent)

Created by thesarafurter and taken 864 times on Bzoink
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Put your iTunes / WinAmp / Windows Media Player / etc. on shuffle.
Answer with the first line of the song that plays, nonsensical or not.
And on the third day, God said:
You say tomato, I say:
My life would be better if:
I'd like to stand atop a mountain and exclaim:
My strongest belief is that:
When insulted, I'm likely to shoot back with:
When I grow older, I'd like to:
If you asked me what I did last night, I'd say:
If you asked me what I did an hour ago, I'd say:
Sometimes, I want to take my best friend aside and say to him / her:
My best friend is currently going through this:
My current luck is:
On the bad days, I hole up in my room and remind myself:
On a bad day, I look like:
On a good day, I look like:
If I could remind people of just one thing, that would be:
After a night of decadence, when I get home, I say to myself:
One of my more bizarre encounters centered around the phrase:
This is my most commonly used pick-up line:
I would be thoroughly wooed if someone came up to me and said:
I would slap someone if they told me:
I've been slapped for telling someone:
When I get married, this phrase is going to be included in my vows:
I got arrested for telling an officer:
When I eat too much fatty food, I cry and say:
The last thing I said to a stranger was:
My personal mantra has become:
I'd like to propose to / be proposed to with the words:
When I'm really lonely, I feel like:
On a rainy day, my feelings can be summed up with:
While intoxicated, I've been known to tell people:
The most personal thing I'm willing to say is:
My first words were:
After a long roadtrip, I like to stretch and say:
My last thought before going to sleep is usually:
I tend to dream about:
If someone who didn't know me had to describe me, they'd say:
If a good friend had to describe me, they'd say:
I hope no one ever says this to me after kissing me:
I'd like someone to say this after kissing me:
The trick to living a long and fulfilling life is:
In the morning, I tend to think:
When I've had to much coffee, this sums me up:
When someone confuses my gender, I angrily shout at them:
My typical mood generally causes me to think:
If someone catches me staring at them, I cover by saying:
If I catch someone staring at me, I usually say to them:
The world would be a better place if people chose to live by the saying:
The last text message I received said:
I responded back to that text message with:
My "About Me" section on Facebook should probably say:
The last fight I had with my significant other started because I said:
When I'm trying to stop an argument, I usually say:
Some say, "If you love something, let it go". I say if you love something:
If I'm confused, it's most likely because:
If I'm angry, it generally happens because:
In expressing my anger, I've been known to:
My favorite work of art makes me think:
If I ever met my favorite musician, I would say to him / her:
I hope that my favorite musician would think this about me:
If I wrote a movie, the first line would be:
If my life were a movie, the opening line would be:
This sounds like something I would say to a coworker / classmate:
I've been told that the first thing I ever said to my best friend was:
The first thing my best friend ever said to me is:
When I think "romance", I think:
People observing me in public might say:
The most meaningful thing anyone has ever said to me is:
This is what I think about the last movie I saw in theatres:
My favorite outfit makes me feel:
After I get dumped, I call my friends and say:
When I'm depressed, this always makes me feel better:
When I grow old, I will tell anyone who will listen:
My favorite book is about:
Falling asleep next to the person I love makes me smile and say:
This sums up my future career:
When I perform random acts of kindness, people thank me by saying:
My thoughts on children are:
When I wanted to give up, these words kept me going:
This is what I'm most afraid of:
This is what I'm most excited about:
I will win a contest in the future by calling a radio station and saying:
If I'm ever interviewed on the news, I'll probably say:
If I had a huge zit and had to cancel a date, I'd call and tell them:
My last kiss made me think:
Anything and everything can be described by saying:
When I stub my toe, my typical response is to shout:
When listening to music, this is usually what I'm thinking about:
When life give you lemons:
I honestly hope I never have to say this to anyone:
If the world ended right now, my last thought would be:
The statement I most disagree with is:
If someone asked me to go dancing with them, I'd say:
As an adult, I'll look back and think:
If I could do one thing over, it would probably have to do with:
The weather outside makes me think:
If I had a secret, I would:
When I'm lying, you can always tell because:
My purpose in life is centered around the words:
When I'm dying, my last words will be: