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Author: blindmad
Created: July 31, 2010
Taken: 223 times
Rated: G

Cupid's a heartless angel with a cruel composure.

Created by blindmad and taken 223 times on Bzoink
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Good to see you again.
How do you handle people who are overly enthusiastic all the time?
Do you smoke?
Do people say you look like a certain celebrity?
Who do you think you look like?
Do you ever run as fast and as far away as you can for no apparent reason?
Does running make you feel less stressed out?
Best cure for a hangover?
Do you have hope in bad situations?
Name a flaw that you think you have:
Name something that you like about yourself:
Do you have a cynical outlook on life?
What's an assumption people make about you?
What's an outfit that you wear that makes you feel hot? XP
Do people view you as a strong person?
Are you stronger mentally or physically?
Did you get picked on as a freshman?
What's a word that you overuse?
Ever been admitted to a hospital?
Who was your first love?
Do you hate reality tv?
Ever loved someone who didn't love you back?
Don't you hate when people act like they know what you're talking about but
^really don't have a clue?
Do you believe in Tyler Durden?
Sorry. Fight Club Reference. :)
Ever changed yourself for a crush/bf/gf?
Do you have a laid back personality?
Write the names of the song you're listening to, then write "in my pants"
^ after it. Childish, I know. Just do it. XD
Had a blast from the past recently?
Ever done karaoke? Did you like it?
Ever had a paranormal encounter?
Goriest movie you've ever seen?
Ever been to court?
Ever seen a pregnant woman smoking/drinking?
What kinds of little things make you happy?
What's something you want for your next birthday?
Ever traveled across your country?
Do you have a hero?
Do you hate when people talk to you about their relationships?
Are you obsessed with candles?
Ever gotten your revenge on someone?
Favorite kind of insence?
Don't you hate when you get hit on by creepers? D: