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Author: painted-skylines
Created: August 8, 2010
Taken: 48 times
Rated: G

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What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things.

Created by painted-skylines and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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You're crazy... in what way?
Are you weird?
Who was your first kiss?
My brother said his was a goat. Hmm.. :/
So, are you the type of person that's just determined to be pissed off
all the time?
What's your favorite form of dancing?
Do you like flats?
Chalkboards, or dry-erase?
What's the most disturbing thing you've ever been through?
What do you think of Mel Gibson?
What about Frank leaving Allie? [[Bachelorette]]
Are you good at taking pictures? Or, do you cut everyone's heads off?
Do you have a slight obsession with Post-Its?
Have you ever had a case of sticky-fingers?
Have you ever been to a race track? (horses)
Are you good at braiding hair?
Do you like neutrals, or bright colours, more?
What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
Do you like to keep it simple? Or more, ah... FLASHYFLASHY?
Once people are broken in certains ways, they can't be fixed. True or false
Have you ever been to a circus?
Are you an energy hog?
Lady GaGa's ugly and her nose is huge. Agreed?
But her music's still good, right?
What do you do late at night when you can't sleep?
Do you like kittens and puppies, but really dislike adult cats and dogs?
The floors in your house are mostly carpet, wooden.. or what?
Who is the last person you professed your love to? :]
Are you a neat freak?
Can you get your hair to curl?
Converse or Keds?
Have you seen Coraline?
Is it really something little kids should watch?
Edible heart/star-shaped glitter. Yes, or no?
Would you like a kitten/bunny hybrid? :]
Should porcupines really be kept as pets?
You can paint the walls in your bedroom any colour. Pick!
Do you like peace signs?
Who's smile has a domino effect on you?
Know anyone with really, really weird hair?
Who can AlWAYS make you LAUGHH? :)
Have you ever smoked weed?
Do you have insomniatic tendencies?
What's the last word someone could ever use to describe you?
Do you cuss too much?
Do you have anything made out of real fur?
Or are you into Peta and all that?
Are you a cryer?
Studded or iced?
So... what would you rather have for breakfast; pretzels, buttered toast,
jelly beans, or popcorn?
Have you ever had to tell someone that you didn't love them?
Anyone you know that you could.. well, pretty much share the definition of
''complicated'' with?
Wildfox or Free People?
Palm or sequoia tree in your frontyard?
Have you ever seen a shooting star?
...Something else in the sky that you couldn't explain?
Do you play in the rain?
Would you rather your guy's jeans be so tight that you can see the junk he
ain't got, or so lose they're falling down? :/
Do you have a job?
Do you support yourself at all?
Have you ever worn a suit?
Do you walk like a giraffe in high heels?
What color are your nails painted?
Have you ever spraypainted something?
Do you ever scribble poetry and lyrics during dull moments at school?
Maybe notes?
Have you ever taken a cold shower?
What's your favorite perfume smell like?
Do you like the smell of exhaust, too, or am I weird?
Were you a Pokemon freak back in the 90's?
Who do you always get ''good morning'' texts from? :)
Fin. :]