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Author: painted-skylines
Created: August 8, 2010
Taken: 261 times
Rated: G

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I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.

Created by painted-skylines and taken 261 times on Bzoink
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Sick, & pretty bored today
Do you hate it when people touch your hair?
Have you ever seriously considered the idea of just abandoning everything?
Who's shoulders did you last sit on? o.o
Do you believe that you're beautiful?
Tell me a secret. [:
Is there anyone you know that never fails to disappoint you?
Do you think you're mature for your age?
Do you get your eyebrows waxed, or pluck them?
Do you still watch Spongebob every now and then?
Have you ever been sailing?
Do you have a Nintendo DS?
How do you entertain yourself on long road-trips?
Are you sick right now?
Does second-hand clothing make you nervous?
What apps do you have one your phone?
Are you good at Scrabble?
Have you ever been parasailing? Isn't it scary?
Do frogs make you squeamish?
Are you into hockey?
Are you obsessed with beanies and knit hats?
Could you spend all day at a library?
Not likely... but is a whole wall in your room just like a giant shelf?
Do you tend to get lost in kisses?
Have you ever hitchhiked?
Have you ever ran through a cornfield?
Last thing that made you scream?
When's the last time you built a fort? :]
Do you wear an eye mask when you sleep?
Do you have to have a fan on, too?
Have you ever maybe had a slight obsession with sparklers?
Are you a fast texter?
Have any fugly sweaters that you love, anyway?
Have you ever had a crush on a sorta older celebrity?
Can you read a map?
Sharpies, highlighters, or uh.. colored pencils!?
When's the last time you slept on a blow-up mattress?
Are you maybe a little more hot-headed than necessary?
Argyle or plaid?
Do you happen to own any religious paraphernalia?
How do you usually spend your time at the beach?
So. How do you feel after having an espresso? :)
Have you ever turned someone down and regretted it later?
What's your suitcase look like?
Any good songs you wanna share?
Maybe just bands?
Have you ever been kayaking?
Have you ever seen a landslide? It's amazing.
Were you a tree climber as a kid?
What's the last thing that gave you an adrenaline rush?
Have you see the Wolfman?
I thought it'd be really dumb, but it's kind of okay.
Do you like old diners?
Are you into redheads?
When's the last time you damaged yourself?
Do you attract drama?
Have you ever accidentally broken something at a store and ran off?
Perfect make-out spot;
Are you too impulsive?
Have you ever consumed a flower?
What's your make-up bag like?
Do you still have a bike that you ride now and again?
Have you ever seen a windmill in person?
What about a lighthouse?
Would you rather live in a cottage or a log cabin?
Weeping willow or a pine tree?
Do you like the cold, or the heat more?
What's the oddest thing you've ever used as a pillow?
Have you seen Washington's Sound?
....What's so great about it?
Something you LOVE about your body;
Something you LOVE about your character;
Ever accidentally locked yourself in somewhere?
Do you ever use your underwear as a swimsuit when you forget to bring a
Know anyone that's so white they're almost like, glow-in-the-dark?
Are you critical about small things?
If you would've been a passenger on the Titanic, how do you think you...
would've reacted?
Aren't stuffed dead animals creepy?
Do you believe in the paranormal?
Is it possible that the Bible and the idea of God was created to give
humans a more amplified conscience?
If you absolutely HAD to get a tattoo of someone's name, who's would it be?
Have you ever jumped (or been pushed -.-) off a huge ledge into a lake?
What's your favorite, most commonly used hair accessorie of yours?
Do you always have to go to the bathroom like, everywhere you go?