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Author: sassybabexo
Created: August 15, 2010
Taken: 96 times
Rated: G

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-you love the way I look at you.

Created by sassybabexo and taken 96 times on Bzoink
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-title lyric from Points of Authority by Linkin Park.
Tell me all the contacts in your phone that start with the letter A.
Do you have any freckles/moles in strange places?
Do you own a lava lamp?
Do you own any plush toys?
What was the last thing you purchased?
Who is the coolest teacher you’ve ever had?
Have you ever found anything that had value and kept it?
Do you prefer male or female singers?
Are drummers sexy?
Do you like your robot voice when you get close to a fan?
Does your tissue box have pretty patterns on it?
Do you like working out what cryptic lyrics mean?
Do you even use Myspace anymore?
Do you know how to knit?
If so, have you ever knitted anything useful?
What pattern is on the undies you’re wearing atm?
Have you ever been told you have a nice ass?
Have you ever been to Colorado?
Skinny or regular cut jeans?
Do you like the smell of hospitals?
Do you know anyone with a laugh better than the joke?
Do you know anyone who can’t stop laughing once they’ve started?
Does South Park entertain or frustrate you?
Have you ever tried on elderly people clothes for a laugh?
Do you know anyone who owns a cuckoo clock?
Do you know anyone named Mitchell?
Do you know the game Spotto?
Do you laugh at people that are scared of things like ants and moths?
Do little kids like you?
Who cut the cheese?
Do you think that pelvic thrusting at inanimate objects is funny or lame?
Is there a Hot Topic where you live?
Do you watch many cartoons?
What did you last go to the doctors for?
Do you own anything made from leather?
What was the last show you watched on TV?
Do you buy music or download it illegally?
If you buy it, iTunes, Amazon or somewhere else?
Do you own an iPod? What model and generation?
What device are you taking this on? Desktop, laptop, phone etc?
Name five things you can grab from where you’re seated.
Name five things someone else in the room can grab from where they’re seate
When was the last time you went to McDonald’s?
What is your usual order at McDonald’s?
When was the last time you stayed at a caravan park?
What room of the house are you in right now?
How many lights (including lamps) are there in your bedroom?
What did you last cook?
Do you have pay TV?
Who did you last have over at your house?
Who owns the last car you travelled in?
Are you wearing socks right now?
Do you prefer acoustic or electric guitars?
Do you own one of those old film cameras?
Thanks for taking my survey :) Have a fantastic day xox.