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Author: sassybabexo
Created: August 15, 2010
Taken: 88 times
Rated: G

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'how was i supposed to know that you were over me?

Created by sassybabexo and taken 88 times on Bzoink
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-title lyrics from Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) by All Time Low.
Which instrument would you love to be able to play?
Have you ever been orienteering?
Have you ever been given flowers?
Do you bite your nails?
Do you play the Sims?
Have you ever lent someone something and still havenít got it back?
Have you ever found something someone lent you ages before and you forgot?
Do you own a trench coat?
Are you wearing any bandages or band-aids at the moment?
Do you still watch little kids TV shows?
What colour is the bra are you wearing?
What heritage are you?
Do you have any unsightly scars?
Do you love or hate Nickelback?
Can you see any shadows right now?
Have you ever been fishing?
When was the last time you went to the beach or a lake?
What is the last movie you watched?
Have you ever been to hospital?
Have you ever been home way past your curfew?
When is your curfew anyway?
Have you ever been grounded?
Do you share a bedroom with someone?
Do your parents have a will written out?
What was the last song you listened to?
Have you ever been to a carnival?
Have you got any scabs on you at the moment?
What did you last go outside for?
What did you do last night?
What was the last movie you watched with a sibling?
Are you wearing pyjamas right now?
Where did you go last time you travelled in a car, and what for?
Do you miss anyone right now? Who?
Do you have a fringe?
Is anyone annoying you at the moment?
Are you planning on surprising anyone in the near future?
Do you own a video camera?
If so, do you use it often?
Do you know what goon is?
Are your fingernails painted at the moment?
Do you know anyone who has Bieber Fever?
Do you have any embarrassing nicknames?
Do you know anyone with an embarrassing nickname?
What movie did you see last time you went to the cinema?
What social networking sites do you use?
What was the last thing you drank?
Have you ever been to Canada?
Name someone who is insanely obnoxious.
Do you have pets?
If so, when was the last time you saw them?
What is your favourite Australian food?
Are you planning on going to college?
Are you at home right now?
When did you last see your cousins?
Thanks for taking my survey :) Have a fantastic day xox.