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Author: sassybabexo
Created: August 15, 2010
Taken: 131 times
Rated: G

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Iím leaning on a pool cue; Iím aiming for that black ball.

Created by sassybabexo and taken 131 times on Bzoink
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-title lyric from See You Go by 3OH!3
Is there a TV switched on in the room youíre in?
If so, whatís on?
What room of the house are you in anyway?
Do you own anything that is special edition?
Mom or mum?
Do you have any funky bookmarks?
Do you know anyone with a British accent?
Is your pencil case organised?
Are you reading any books at the moment?
If so, tell me the plot briefly.
What colour are the walls in your bedroom?
Do you even use MSN anymore?
When did you last get delivery pizza?
Drake Bell or Josh Peck?
When was the last time you had a tick on you?
Do you watch adult swim?
Are you itchy anywhere at the moment?
Have you been to the Grand Canyon?
What is your favourite type of donut?
Do you know who Matt Gibson is?
Did you ever watch Pokemon?
Do you get motion sickness?
Who usually makes dinner in your household?
What was the last cafe or bakery you went to?
Can you see out a window from where youíre sitting?
Do you own any Fatboy Slim albums?
Do you have a blog?
Do you know what Iím talking about when I say 'Interstella 5555'?
Name ALL the colours youíre wearing.
When was the last time you had wet hair?
Do you play any sports?
Are there more females or males in your family?
Does your TV have a built in TVguide?
Have you submitted anything to Urban Dictionary?
Do obsessed fans piss you off?
Did you have a Gameboy? If so, do you still have it?
Is there a playground anywhere near your house?
What is something youíre embarrassed to have on your iPod?
Tell me a surname which is very common at your school.
Do you watch ĎMy Familyís Got Gutsí?
Go find your iPod or any other music player.
Tell me the first 5 songs that come up on shuffle.
Have you noticed most, if not all, Bzoink users are female?
Name all the people in the room and what each of them are doing.
Did you go see the new Karate Kid movie?
Are you double-jointed?
Do you ever write lyrics or poems?
Are you subscribed to any magazines?
Does anyone in your family snore loudly?
Thanks for taking my survey :) Have a fantastic day xox.