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Author: dancingllamas
Created: August 19, 2010
Taken: 142 times
Rated: PG

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Eight inches is a nice phrase :) Are we alike?

Created by dancingllamas and taken 142 times on Bzoink
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Just answer yes or no, true or false, oui or non.. Whatever! :)
Your name begins with E.
Your birthday is just arond the corner.
You know you are goodlooking.
You have blue eyes.
You're one of the few British people on this website.
You're taken.
You have dyed hair, but deny that you've coloured it.
You love little babies.
But you're not sure you want them yourself.
You're still at school.
You enjoy/enjoyed school.
You show off infront of someone that likes you to make them stare at you.
You know someone has a thing for you.
You're dirty minded.
You hang around with a mix of boys and girls.
You've flirted with a teacher before.
You can get really jealous but you hide it.
You keep secrets.
If someone annoys you then you will have a little bitch about them.
When someone you hate walks in, you immediately look to your best friend.
You love to flirt.
You've been in a relationship but liked someone else at the same time.
You have braces.
When you spot some goodlooking guys/girls, you walk past to grab attention.
You stalk the one you like on Facebook.
You stalk the one you hate on Facebook.
You get jealous when your boyfriend/girlfriend talks to another girl/guy.
Your parents are divorced.
You have a step-mother.
You have a step-father.
You prefere the step-father to the step-mother.
You have siblings.
You have to look after your younger sibling when your parents are out.
You cry if you argue with someone.
You don't take shit off anyone.
You can sing.
You get complimented alot.
You're living the life of a celebrity, but with little ups and downs.
You know someone so goodlooking,you lose your breath when you see them.
You wear/wore uniform to school.
You have a closet full of clothes but still nothing to wear.
You're spoiled but you don't let it affect your behaviour.
You eat loads but never put on any weight.
You worry if everything will go very wrong.
You absolutely hate being single.
You think that having boy best mates is way less drama then girls.
You look older then you are.
You wear makeup.
You put a photo on Facebook and get loads of compliments straight away.
You hate the feeling that you and your partner are falling apart.
You love attention.
You love being on the stage.
You have your own style.
People assume you're a bitch before they know you but you're not.
You love cuddling.
You tell lies to get attention sometimes.
You actually like Jedward.
Thankyou :) So..
Are we alike?