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Author: dancingllamas
Created: September 3, 2010
Taken: 385 times
Rated: G

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So, tell me about your boyfriend :)

Created by dancingllamas and taken 385 times on Bzoink
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i love you. marry me? :)
hi there. what's your name?
more importanty, what's your boyfriends name?
how long have you two lovebirds been together?
do you think it will last long?
have you ever put both your names into a love calculator?
how old is he?
is he older than you?
are you dating him for the popularity?
is he a nice guy or a normal stupid, rude guy?
is he embarrasses to call you his girlfriend?
has he said i love you to you?
has he said it to your face?
what's the longest time you've been apart?
what stereotype is he?
have you ever been to dinner with him?
have you kissed before?
properly made out?
does he gives the best hugs ever?
what did you notice first about him?
do all the other girls fancy him too?
do you ever wonder if he likes someone else?
does he take longer to get ready than you do?
does he burp or fart around you?
does he have braces?
does he wear glasses?
can he dance?
what is he really good at?
have you met any of his family?
would you feel awkward having dinner with him and his family?
do you ever have awkward silences?
is he the best boyfriend you've had so far?
do you have a nickname for him?
do you think of him every single night?
do you ever wonder if he thinks of you as much as you think of him?
do you get jealous when you see him hug another girl?
have you had a propper argument with him yet?
if he got you pregnant, would he stay with you and the baby or leave you?
what's the worst thing he's done?
do you ever wonder if he is playing you?
do you think he's the sort of guy who'd flirt with other girls?
have you had sex yet?
does he take more pictures than you?
would he rather spend time with you or his friends?
thanks a bunch, darlings:')