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Author: macro
Created: September 4, 2010
Taken: 79 times
Rated: G

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Noblemen with courage listen with their ears. Spoke but how discouraging when no one really hears.

Created by macro and taken 79 times on Bzoink
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When was the last time you prayed?
Where is your cell phone right now?
How many pictures of yourself do you have on your phone?
Do you ever subconsciously trace words on your leg when you're thinking?
Do you have any American Girl dolls in your house?
Any celebrities you're sick of hearing about?
Any celebrities you wish you heard more about?
Which Internet browser do you use?
Do you ever use the Bzoink forums?
What song did you listen to the most this summer?
Describe your hands.
Give me a random Mexican name.
Have you read the entire Hunger Games series?
Which is your least favorite fruit?
How about your least favorite vegetable?
Have you ever been chased by an animal? (If so, which one)
Do you prefer lipstick, lip gloss, or chapstick?
Do you prefer to buy CDs in a store or buy an album from iTunes?
Did you ever watch The Magic Schoolbus as a kid?
Did you know they replaced the Greg (the yellow wiggle) on The Wiggles?
Do you have any shows that you watch online?
Have you ever gotten in trouble at school for wearing revealing clothes?
Have you ever seriously thought about getting plastic surgery?
Have you ever witnessed an extreme act of animal cruelty?
What is the funniest band name you have ever heard of?
Any bands you hate with a passion?
How about a band you love with all your heart?
Do you prefer your Jeans normal or ripped?
Have you ever actually woken up screaming because of a nightmare?
Did you personally know anyone who's committed suicide?
Any artists that you love to listen to but hate their personality?
Who do you think the most handsome man in the world is?
How about the prettiest woman?
What is your favorite kind of cake?
Frosting: love it or hate it?
Thick hair or thin hair: which is better?
Now which type of hair do you have?
Batman, Spiderman, or Superman?
How many people in your family have blue eyes?
What do you think the last word in the dictionary is?
Which language do you think is the easiest to learn?
What is your favorite kind of horse?
What's the longest you've ever been on an airplane?
Do you have any siblings in college right now?
That's all, folks!