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Author: xoxcandy12xox
Created: September 8, 2010
Taken: 23 times
Rated: G

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Created by xoxcandy12xox and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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ready to answer questions about school?
do you think anyone is cute?
does anyone like like you?
Who sits beside you?
what do u think of this person?
do you talk to this person?
Who sits across from you?
Do you like them?
What do you think of this person?
Who sits behind you?
is this person cute?
moving on!
Do you like your school?
Describe the school:
Did you go to this school before?
If not how do people treat you?
Are you liked?
do you have any friends?
are you one of those people who are geeks?
do you wear glasses for school?
do you like your teachers?
what one do you like the most?
which one do you hate the most?
How many schools have you ever been to?
Could you say this is the best school ever?
Does anybody call u any nicknames?
How was the first day back to school?
What grade are you in?
are you in highschool yet?
done peace!