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Author: skiesofsunshine
Created: September 18, 2010
Taken: 135 times
Rated: PG

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Anarchy Is One Step Away From Chaos :D (This Or That)

Created by skiesofsunshine and taken 135 times on Bzoink
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Animals or plants?
People or places?
Songs or Drawings?
Dogs or Cats?
Car or Truck?
Tall or short?
Snail or sponge?
Simple or complex?
Math or Science?
Reading or writing?
History or math?
Soccer or basketball?
Football or baseball?
NFL or Nascar?
Singing or Dancing?
Half empty or half full?
Old or young?
Old or new?
Trash or treasure?
Original or a copy?
President or governor?
Computer or cell phone?
Home or away?
Concert or art show?
City or country?
Girl or boy?
Single or taken?
June or December?
January or May?
Horse or hamster?
Cow or pig?
Bull or mouse?
House or mansion?
Trailer or house?
Ozzy or Keith Urban?
Guitar or piano?
Quiz or survey?
Question mark or period?
Quiet or noisy?
Head or toes?
Questions or answers?
Fast or slow?
Hard or soft?
Fuzzy or smooth?
Brown or yellow?
Red or black?
Blue or green?
Teal or maroon?
Alternative or pop?
Metal or pop?
Rock or country?
North or south?
East or west?
Down or up?
High or sober?
Above or below?
Bed or couch?
Trees or bushes?
Walking or running?
Bus or car?
Big or small?
Long or short?
Asking or answering?
Too much or too little?
Spending or saving?
Yes or no?
This or that?
Swimming or running?
Random or in order?
Bright or dull?
Alcohol or water?
Christian or Buddhist?
Friends or enemies?
Public or private?
Facebook or Myspace?
Family or friends?
Skating or surfing?
Hugs or drugs?
Letters or numbers?
Ending or beginning?
Creation or destruction?
Ocean or land?
Candy or vegetables?
Vegetables or fruits?
Fall or fly?
Ears or eyes?
Audio or video?
Talk or text?
Cheap or expensive?
In or out?
Chilly or warm?
Skin or bones?
Live or die?
Together or apart?
Backwards or forwards?
Meow or bark?
Many or few?
Shampoo or conditioner?
Light or heavy?
Bears or dolphins?
Plane or car?
Hearts or stars?
Polka dots or stripes?
Sad or happy?
Angry or depressed?
Add or subtract?
Multiply or divide?
Joking or serious?
Clown or Business man?
Beer or Champagne?

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