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Author: sassybabexo
Created: October 5, 2010
Taken: 178 times
Rated: G

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+ maybe misery is what i need to keep my sanity.

Created by sassybabexo and taken 178 times on Bzoink
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-title lyrics from Maybe Misery by Quietdrive.
Do you listen to Vampire Weekend?
Do you have a gym membership?
Do you know more brunettes than you do blondes?
Do you borrow clothing and/or accessories from siblings?
Do you live near a lake?
How many photo albums do you have on Facebook?
Do you know anyone named Mac?
Do you know anyone who plays violin?
When was the last time you had an exam?
^ What subject was it in?
Describe to me the best school principle youíve had.
Do you listen to Funeral for a Friend?
Do you usually do something on a weekend, or chill at home?
Are there any posters on the walls of the room youíre in?
If so, whatís on them?
What colour is your school bag?
Are you wearing any bracelets right now?
Have you ever watched a movie with your parents and it got awkward?
Have you ever had a teacher with the surnames Hayes?
Are you an active part of any forums?
Do you know what Llamas with Hats is?
Are you fighting with any of your friends at the moment?
Have you read the book Tomorrow, When the War Began?
Do you know anyone with the surname McCartney?
When was the last time you had jellybeans?
When was the last time you went to sickbay at school?
^ What did you go for?
Do you own any Roxy clothing?
If so, tell me about it.
Do you have any picture books from your childhood?
What type of phone do you have?
Do you watch a lot of viral videos?
When was the last time you caught a bus?
Do you know anyone with heaps of piercings?
Are you wearing a necklace right now?
If so, what is it like?
Do you know anyone named Dale?
Have you ever accidentally fallen into someoneís lap?
^Was it someone you knew or a stranger?
Have you ever been on Omegle?
Do you listen to the band In Flames?
Have you ever been to California?
What song do you currently have in your head, if any?
Do you have any bracelets or wristbands on?
Is there a certain colour of M&Ms you prefer?
Do you think Lincoln Lewis is a hunk oí spunk?
He is delicious.
Is there someone you were meant to call this week, but you havenít?
Are there any classes youíre intentionally late for?
Did you hate doing cursive in elementary school?
What is your math teacherís name?
If you have a bf, what was your last argument about?
Do you prefer call or text?
Does Seth Rogan piss you off?
Thanks for taking my survey :) Have a fantastic day xox.