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Author: sassybabexo
Created: October 5, 2010
Taken: 2,082 times
Rated: R

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Giant True or False Survey C:

Created by sassybabexo and taken 2082 times on Bzoink
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Btw, it will definitely be easier to just write T or F. :D
You are a perfectionist when it comes to school work.
You play first person shooter games.
You sleep in a single bed.
You listen to rap music.
You have piercings other than your ear lobes.
You have been to a Six Flags theme park.
You’ve cheated on a test.
The weather is scaring you right now.
Someone you love has been arrested before.
You’re pro-choice.
Your mum has had her menopause.
You have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
You’ve done a Zumba Fit dance workout before.
You have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
One of your parents own an iPhone.
You live with someone other than your parents.
Your favourite class at school is science.
You have several dogs.
You’ve peed the bed.
You know a really good drummer.
You use words like ‘twas and ‘tis.
You live in a place where a lot of violence happens.
The last person you called on the phone was a relative.
You own clothes from American Apparel.
You own a Mac computer.
You own a BB gun.
You’ve held a real working gun.
You’ve been to a shooting range.
You live near a beach.
You’re wearing a blue shirt.
You’re wearing jeans.
You’re wearing socks.
You’re wearing yellow underwear.
You’re subscribed to people on Youtube.
You play Grand Theft Auto.
You prefer showers in the morning.
You love freebies.
You’ve ridden on a motorbike.
Your favourite fast food place is Taco Bell.
Your least favourite fast food place is Arby’s.
Teachers like you.
There is a clock in the room.
You are a virgin.
You have brown eyes.
You have dark brown hair.
Your parents aren’t together anymore.
You know what a geoduck is.
You need to go to the bathroom.
You watch Nick.
You watch Fox.
You or your parents own a holiday house.
You own an iPod.
You have subscriptions to magazines.
You’ve been game fishing.
You’ve broken more than one bone at a time.
Your TV is bigger than 50cm across.
You own a Nintendo Wii.
Nintendo 64
Nintendo DS
Play Station Portable (PSP)
Playstation2 (PS2)
Playstation3 (PS3)
You share a bedroom with someone.
You have your own car.
You share a car with somebody.
You’re a sophomore.
You need to shave.
A sibling is in the room you’re in.
You have had food poisoning.
You’re listening to music right now.
You know someone who dyed their hair and it went a funny colour.
You have more important things to do than this.
You’ve been whale watching.
You’ve visited someone is hospital in the past month.
You got swine flu.
You own an iPhone.
You own an Android phone.
You loathe Justin Bieber.
You make bets at superbowl.
You still play kid’s make-believe games.
You’ve seen a whale or dolphin in the wild.
You’ve walked in on people having sex.
You have seen your cousins in the past week.
You know someone named Tully.
You’ve written a soppy love letter to a crush.
You want to work in the medical field when you’re older.
You live in the suburbs.
You can hear birds outside.
You have been on vacation with friends.
You’ve had to get stitches.
You’ve given someone head.
You’ve seen an avalanche.
There’s someone in the room you just can’t stand.
Your last school trip was at least a 5 hour drive.
The last ice cream you ate was vanilla flavoured.
You’re double jointed.
You’ve used the words totes (as in totally).
You listen to music in the car.
You visit your town library often.
You borrow money off your parents.
You’ve split your head open.
You’re allergic to peanuts.
Artificial colours or flavours.
It’s past 12PM where you live.
You’ve tried Vegemite.
You own all of Fall Out Boy’s albums.
You own all of Owl City’s albums.
You own all of Linkin Park’s albums.
Your grandparents spoil you.
You have held a grenade.
You’ve been skiing or snowboarding.
You can see a body of water from where you are.
You enjoy sex scenes in movies.
You’ve represented your region, state or country in sport.
You got your father chocolate for father’s day.
You have bad dandruff.
You drove a car today.
You say ‘lol’ a lot.
You’ve sent a social networking message to a celebrity.
^And they’ve replied.
You’re currently on vacation.
You have had chicken pox.
You do your own laundry.
You like your grandparents.
You have a job.
You have a cat or a kitten.
Freshman year was the best year so far for you.
Your mum has had a miscarriage before.
You just ate something.
You go on vacations with relatives.
You live on a road.
A street.
A boulevard.
An avenue.
A close.
Something else.
You actually listen to the radio sometimes.
You’ve witnessed people do drugs.
You had chicken for dinner last night.
You’ve been told you have a really good body.
You own a Ministry of Sound CD.
You’ve been on a cruiseship.
You want to cuddle a certain someone right now.
You didn’t sleep well last night.
The last museum you went to was maritime.
You have books that need to be returned to a library.
You used to watch Saturday morning cartoons.
You have step siblings.
You watch American Idol.
So You Think You Can Dance?
The Biggest Loser.
Big Brother.
Wife Swap.
The last vaccination you got was for tetanus.
Someone has called you sexy and meant it.
You’ve tripped on a gutter.
You’ve taken one of my surveys before.
You like my surveys.
Congratulations for getting this far. :)
Have a fantastic day. :D