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Author: emilydoll
Created: October 7, 2010
Taken: 7 times
Rated: G

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For all you bgs

Created by emilydoll and taken 7 times on Bzoink
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Drugstore Wishlist*
Non drug-store items ( name a few )
Have you craved something today? If so, what?
Do you usually the know the exact names of the products you use?
MAC or Sephora shopping spree? ( $300 )
And what would you buy? :D
Suggest a good t.v show
Do you currently have a pimple? ( doesn't matte what stage it's in )
Do you take the time to do your hair in
Your thoughts on
What will your first/next tat be?! }:D
... jacob or edward? ( How can you get tired of this question. )
Favorite bath and body works scent?
And your signature scent is ... ( atleast so far you think it is )
Describe such a smell
Nailpolishes you are eyeing right now ( even if you already have them )
Are you eyeing anything from MAC's Peacocky Collection for the Holidays '
Something that bum'd you out today
What do you do when you are cold at your computer?
You can't stand products that smell like ( from experience )
Have you ever seen a fairy circle? ( tell me what that is if you know )
Are you the type to glue a BUNCH of bling on your nails?
Do you freak out if toe nails aren't painted?
Would you work thigh high boots?
Favorite drink at starbucks, that you know of
How long/short do you prefer your nails?
Do you want to see Jackass:3D?
Do you watch L.A Ink?
Do you have any scratches/cuts right now?
Favorite unique drink?
3 things you want to buy right now food wise, just for you
Bright red handbags, like you or not?
You should check out my blog @ venomousvillains dot blogspot dot c0m
Are you a blue nailpolish person?
Name something of horrible quality.
Do you have one of those glade auto sprayer things?
Glitter, yay or nay?