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Author: kaleighloves
Created: October 7, 2010
Taken: 110 times
Rated: G

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You make my heart go BOOM, BOOM. {♥}

Created by kaleighloves and taken 110 times on Bzoink
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Have you had a practice run with your costume for Halloween, already?
What foods are you looking forward to most this Thanksgiving?
Something nobody'd ever guess about you?
What gaming devices/consoles do you own?
What's your life motto?
Would you like to be a journalist?
Care to share a few of your quirks?
Last year for school, we had an assignment where we had to choose a popular
song to write a story based on.
What song would you've picked?
Do you like 3OH!3?
Sunrise or sunset?
Have you ever been to Colorado?
Did the vacuum scare you as a child?
Is the word 'love' now corrupted?
Have you ever had to tell someone that you didn't feel the way they felt
-about you?
Do you have a long driveway?
Anyone's grave you visit, regularly?
Who was your first kiss?
What was it like? Were you disappointed?
Do you have an older brother?
^ if so, what's he like?
Are you confident?
What's holding you back from what you want?
Have you ever begged someone to stay with you?
Who do you want around you when you're afraid?
Have you ever mistaken something's shadow for something else?
Indie, rock, electronic, techno, dubstep, or 'crunk'?
Do you know how to read a map?
Have a friend that looks JUST like a celeb?
Are you good at basketball?
Have any odd fixations?
Do you know ASL? (American Sign Language)
Are you friends with anyone missing one of their five senses?
How many times have you moved in your lifetime?
Which relative of yours are you the most closest to?
Do captchas annoy you?
What's the best feeling in the world?
Would you rather be a 'good' or a 'goblin'?
Do you know what either of those words really mean? I don't.
Can you put your leg over your shoulder?
Are you good at Pac Man?
Have any JunkFoodTs?
Was your very first phone a prepaid piece of junk?
Have you ever been called 'jail bate'?
Favorite online shops?
Puff Daddy or Jimi Hendrix? (:
Have you ever been seriously addicted to anything?
Do you have a Netflix?
Ever lied to get out of going somewhere with someone?
Do you like to play wrestle?
Worst thing you've done at a mall?
Ever been to a drive-in? (movies)
Have you ever snapped on a stranger?
Do you keep a diary or a journal?
Did you donate to Haiti?
Would you help build a victim of Katrina's home?
Would you give up your dignity for a day for half a million?
Why is animal cruelty laws enforced more often than child abuse?
How do you feel about the death penalty?
What do you think we should do with all've our murderers/rapists/bad people
Have any frenemies?
Ever stood on the top of a skyscraper?
What's the oddest thing you've done for a photo?
Misfits or The Clash?
What is the rudest way someone has ever woken you up?
What's your sign?
^ do you even believe in astrology?
Have you ever tp'd or egged someone's house?
^ whose?
Do you check the caller ID before you answer the phone?
Have you ever actually seen a shooting star?
Ever sucked the helium out of a balloon?
Do you like dried pineapple chunks? [:
Are you conceited? Even a little bit?
Favorite football team?
Are you a bad influence?
What's your current frustration?
Are there any fast food places you don't mind eating at?
Anyone jump out of somewhere random and scare the piss out of you, lately?
What is your first language?
Have you ever been to Christmas Island?
Something that always makes you go 'awww'? [: