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Author: fjolabjork
Created: October 8, 2010
Taken: 67 times
Rated: G

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random questions about you and your friends :D

Created by fjolabjork and taken 67 times on Bzoink
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about you :)
your name ?
age ?
birthday ?
where ware you born ?
where do you live ?
how many family members do you have ?
your look ;)
hair color ?
eye color ?
do you have died hair ?
if so, what color ?
if not, what color is your hair ?
do you use makeup?
if so, every day ?
what makeup do you use every day ?
friends ;)
whats your best friend name ?
is he/she older ore younger than you ?
do you do lot of stuff together ?
do you tell her/him everything ?
does she/he tell you everything ?
love life ;)
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?
if so , whats his/her name ?
how long have you been together ?
if not, do you like someone ?
yes ore no :)
do you smoke
do you drink
have you kissed a boy/girl when you was dating someone ?
have you been to afrika?
have you been to new york?
have you kissed someone you doesn't like ?
have you ever kissed someone random?
This or That ;)
coke or pepsi
day or night
rain or sun
black or white
candy or icecream
inside or outside
tv or computer
friends or family
hot or cold
random ;)
have you ignore phone call from your boyfriend/girlfriend ?
whats is the secound message in you phone inbox ?
what is the last persone who called you ?
last miss call ?
what color is your room?
do you have your own computer ?
do you like your parents ?
whats your moms name ?
have you missed someone out of your life ?
the end :)
why are you taking that survay ?
did you like it ?