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Author: amiejazmin
Created: October 9, 2010
Taken: 122 times
Rated: G

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Alphabet Survey!

Created by amiejazmin and taken 122 times on Bzoink
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A is for Appearance.
What colour are your eyes?
What colour is your hair?
What style is your hair?
What colour shirt are you wearing?
B is for Basics.
What's your Name?
How Old are you?
What's your Full Name?
C is for Colours.
What's your favourite Colour?
What's your favourite Colour of the Rainbow?
What's your least favourite Colour?
D is for Driving.
Can you drive?
Do you have your licence?
What kind of Car do you have?
What's your licence plate number?
E is for Eating.
What's your favourite kind of Food?
What's your favourite Meal of the Day?
F is for Fond.
What is most Fond to you?
What is least Fond to you?
G is for Growing.
What do you see most Growing in your Life?
What do you see most least Growing in your Life?
H is for Habitat.
What Country do you live in?
What City/Town do you live in?
What colour is your House?
I is for Ill.
Do you get Ill every often?
If so, when?
Do you recieve your Flu Shots Every year?
J is for Job.
Do you have a Job?
If so, Where?
Do you like it?
K is for Kindness.
Are you Kind?
Just to your Friend's or to everyone?
L is for Lollipops.
What's your favourite colour Lollipop?
What's your least favourite colour Lollipop?
M is for Mature.
Do you consider yourself Mature?
Do your Parent's?
How about your Friend's?
N is for Nature.
Do you like Nature?
Do you respect Nature?
O is for Open.
What do you Open most in your Life?
P is for Past.
What was your favourite thing you did in the Past?
Do you miss it?
Q is for Quilts.
Do you like to make Quilts?
If so, How often?
R is for Race.
What do you Race most in your life?
What do you Race rarely in your life?
S is for School.
What grade are you in?
Do you like School?
What time do you get dismissed after School?
T is for Tanning.
In the Summer, Do you like to Tan?
How Often?
U is for Useless.
What is Useless to you?
Do you have alot of Useless things?
V is for Vampires.
Do you watch Twilight?
If so, Which Twilight Movie is your Favourite?
W is for Weather.
What's your favourite type of Weather?
What's your favourite Season?
X is for X-Rays.
How often do you go for X-Rays?
Y is for Yummy.
What is Yummy to you?
Least Yummy?
Z is for Zip.
What do you Zip up most in your Life?
This Survey is Zipped Up. Did you Enjoy it?