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Author: kaleighloves
Created: October 15, 2010
Taken: 110 times
Rated: G

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Had no luck, but ain't it strange? The girl knew how to chop & change.

Created by kaleighloves and taken 110 times on Bzoink
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Aha. ♥
Have you ever heard of the band 'The Black Keys'?
What color is your soap/body wash/exfoliator?
What scent?
If you were to recieve a horse tomorrow, how would you want him to look?
And what would you name him, or her?
What did Jack and Jill really go up the hill to do?
Have you ever worn more than two different perfumes, at once?
What type of underwear do you prefer to wear, yourself?
What type of underwear do you prefer your preferred sex to wear?
Mountain or water view?
Favorite older movie?
Was your hair a different color when you were a baby than it is, now?
Did you mother save dumb things like your first tooth, or curl?
Ever flashed anyone?
What clubs/sports are (or were) you into, for school?
What is a phrase that you don't quite grasp the meaning of?
Have you ever taken a drink out of a cup to find there was an insect in it?
Have you ever spit in someone else's drink?
Do you freak out and jump around if you feel a bug on you?
Describe in detail what you wore today, or what you're wearing now.
Name someone you once respected, but no longer do.
^ why?
Has anyone ever borrowed money from you, never to return it?
If someone came to your door right now, would you be ready for a visitor?
Are you a caffeine/sugar junkie?
Name something you do daily, and HATE:
Now, LOVE:
Do you need it to be absolutely DARK in order to sleep? How about quiet?
Own anything that vibrates?
Go with the flow, or rock the boat?
Team Jacob, Edward, or the guy who almost hit Bella with a car?
Would it bother you if someone else used your hairbrush?
Have you ever caught yourself chewing on something inedible?
Ever consumed something poisonous?
Are you going to snuggle with someone tonight?
If you were granted invisibility for one hour, what would you do?
Aren't gf/bf applications somewhat pathetic?
Where do you buy your make-up?
What is your favorite cosmetic brand(s)?
Have you ever tried Paul & Joe? (they're great:)
A piece of paper falls from a tree. On it's the meaning of life. It says:
Would you rather everyone around you to be fake, and to tell you the things
you want to hear, or everyone to be honest and tell you the things that,
you don't want to know?
What was your favorite song when you were 11?
If you had the power to change just one person, who would it be, and how?
What's the last rumor you heard about yourself?
^ was there ANY truth to it?
Would you rather surf, or wakeboard?
Is it 'soda' or 'pop'?
Would you rather date someone that is 3ft tall, or 10ft tall, and why?
If you were a pirate, would you rather have a parrot or a monkey?
What did you do yesterday?
Does the weather effect your mood?
Have you ever been inside of a cave?
Favorite TV shows?
TV shows you dislike?
Is there anything that you constantly argue wth your parents about?
Do you plan on carving a pumpkin anytime soon?
Younger version of your username?

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