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Author: hektor
Created: October 18, 2010
Taken: 185 times
Rated: PG

I've had enough of waiting for those constant problems with sleep;

Created by hektor and taken 185 times on Bzoink
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Describe the last situation in which you had to give up on an individual?
What are some things that cause you to abandon association with someone?
When was the last time you made a new friend?
How social would you say you are?
What is the most unusual thing within your general vicinity?
What are some things you enjoy that not many others do?
If you have a Tumblr account, what influences your content?
Are you one who considers preserving your past important?
When was the last time you had some sort of a meltdown?
Are you currently waiting for anything? If so, what?
When was the last time you were surprised by something or someone?
Do the holidays affect your mood? In what way?
Do you think that you will enjoy this upcoming holiday season?
How early do you start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas?
When was the last time you saw someone about whom you cared?
Is there anyone with whom you wish you could hang out?
What is it that is preventing you from being in the company of that person?
What are some things that you like to do with your spare time?
When was the last time you were super busy?
Would you prefer to have a full schedule, or a lot of free time?
Is camping an activity that you enjoy? How about hiking?
What is the worst location in which you have lived? Best?
What is one thing that you would want to change about yourself?
Do you find it uncomfortable to think about changing who you are?
Has anyone ever requested that you change for them?
When was the last time you went out somewhere by yourself?
How about the last time you went somewhere with a group of people?
Do you prefer social or solitary situations more, or does it depend?
What is one routine you perform daily?
What is one way in which you waste time?
What is a quality someone might not assume you have?
What was the last thing you did that was healthy?
What was the last thing you did that could harm your health?
Do you know anyone who self-injures?
Have you ever had to reside with an individual who had a mental disorder?
Do you enjoy shopping for groceries? What do you like to get?
Do you remember most of your past Halloween costumes?
What was the last thing to inspire or motivate you to do something?
Do you enjoy the transformation of leaves in autumn?
Is snow a form of weather you appreciate?
Who was the last individual to offend you or hurt your feelings?
What is something someone could say to make you feel like crap?
Have you accomplished anything of which you should be proud?
What was the last thing about which you complained?
How do you feel when you hear other people complaining?