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Author: macro
Created: November 6, 2010
Taken: 174 times
Rated: G

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It was easy to keep all your lies in disguise because you had me in deep with the devil in your eyes

Created by macro and taken 174 times on Bzoink
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Lyrics: What it Takes by Aerosmith
If your dad told you he had an imaginary friend, would you be creeped out?
What was your first impression of your best friend?
What about your first impression of your crush/partner?
Which is worse: mental or physical pain?
Do any of your friends have Down Syndrome?
Can you touch your phone from where you are sitting?
This time last year did you have a crush on the same person?
How do you pronounce 'Bzoink'? I mean, really.
What song gets stuck in your head the most these days?
Is the song above played on the radio a lot?
Name a really gross bug right here.
How old are your neighbors?
I'm going to give you a jellybean that has a totally random flavor.
It can be anything from strawberry to rotten shoelace. Do you dare eat it?
Which is a better band: Maroon 5 or The Police?
Do you own any bright colored Converse?
McDonalds is so bad for you. But don't you think it tastes so good?
When was the last time you saw a play?
^ What play was it?
In general, do you think you are nicer to girls or guys?
Do you know anyone who plays ice hockey?
What is the first website you have bookmarked on your current browser?
How often do you use Yahoo Answers?
Do you watch CSI? If so, which is better: Las Vegas, Miami, or NY?
Can you do the horizontal mambo? ;)
Aren't bubble blisters so annoying?
What is the weirdest theme you've ever seen for Silly Bandz?
Today I saw some Justin Bieber Silly Bandz. WTF!
What languages can you count to three in?
Would you rather visit China or Japan?
Have you ever seen a double rainbow all the way across the sky?
^ If so, was it so intense? Lol I'll stop now.
Do you have a Foopet?
Were you rooting for the Giants or the Rangers?
Do you know how to do the Time Warp?
Did you watch a scary movie on Halloween? If so, what was it?
What is your profile pic a picture of?
What language did you take in high school? What about middle school?
Will you decorate Easter eggs with me? It's for a good cause.
Just kidding, it's not for a good cause. Do you still want to do it?
When was the last time you went skinnydipping?
Would you rather kill your ex boyfriend or Justin Bieber?
If you invented a new color, what would you call it?
Adios! By the way, the jellybean I gave you was teriyaki chicken flavored.