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Author: wildatheart356
Created: November 21, 2010
Taken: 41 times
Rated: G

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freshman year

Created by wildatheart356 and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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how old we're you your freshman year?
what school did you go to?
did you play any sports?
did you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
if so, what was their name?
are you still with them?
did you go to homecoming?
who did you go with?
how about prom?
who did you go with then?
any other dances? military ball, chior banquet, band banquet etc.
who were you best friends?
did you have a lot of friends?
were you popular?
were you bullied?
did you bully people?
did you ever skip class?
did you ever just skip the whole day of school?
did you know how to drive?
what type of electives did you have?
did you have block schedule? a day and b day?
did you have a crush on someone?
did you ever get them?
what was their name?
what clique were you in?
what were your school colors?
who was your english teacher?
who was your history teacher?
who was your math teacher?
who was your science teacher?
did you go a lot of the football games?
was your team good?
what was the mascot?
did you live in a house or a apartment?
did you ever dye your hair?
how many floors did your school have?
who was your most best friend??
what kind of music did you like?
did you have a first kiss yet?
were you a virgin?
did you have a job?
what lunches did you have?
what state was your school in?
do you still live in that state?
were you in the talent show?
did you watch cartoons?
were you in basic classes general ed or pre ap?
did they make you wear stupid clothes?
did you ever get jumped on freshman jump day?