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Author: 23cherry23
Created: November 30, 2010
Taken: 56 times
Rated: PG

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Remembering Back

Created by 23cherry23 and taken 56 times on Bzoink
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Tell Me About You First
Hair Color
Eye Color
Preference On The Opposite Gender
Crush/Boy/Girlfriend's name
Now We'll Take The Journey Back Together
Starting With Elementry School
Entering The First Grade
Who Was Your Teacher
What Was Your First Day Like
Did You Have P.E.
Do You Remember Saying The Pledge Of Alligence
Now Let's Go On
First Grade Was Pretty Far Back
So Can You Tell Me
About Second Grade
Did You Believe In "Cooties"
What School Did You Go To
Was There Any Bullies
Did You Travel A Lot In Lines
It's Been Awhile
Hasn't It
Shall We Continue
Into The Third Grade
Were You Teacher's Pet
Was There A Misbehaved Child
Do You Remember Anyone's Name
Where Did You Live
This Isn't Too Hard
Must Be Making You Think
Getting Easier With Every Grade
Go For Fourth Grade
Did You Take A Sick Day
How Often Did You Ride The Bus
Were People Nice To You
Did You Ever Get Into Trouble
Hold Fast
Don't Lose Focus Yet
Thinking Back Is Getting Easier
As We Travel Back In Age To Fifth Grade
Did You Get A Lot Of Homework
Had A Crush On Any One
Name Of That Crush
Did You Still Have Recess
Now We're Entering
The Years Of Misbehavior
The Time Of Middle School
Beginning With Sixth Grade
Honestly, Did You Ever Get Suspended
How About Detention
Did You're Teacher's Like You
Was School Getting Stranger
Now For The Dreaded
Next Two Years
All So Far Back But Not Missed
Taking Us To Seventh Grade
Were You A Trouble Maker
Were You Friends With Nerds
Did You Obsess Over The Opposite Sex
Who Was Your Closest Friend(s)
Now For The Next Year
You Must Have Felt Old
To Be The Oldest Out Of The Kids
In All Middle School The Eighth Grade
Did You Cause A Lot Of Chaos
How About Run Down The Halls
Mess Around In The School Yard
Start Food Fights In The Mess Hall
Now You'll Enter High School
Where Your Future Awaits
Everything You've Known Challenged
As You Come To Freshmen Year
Three Sentences About Your Crush
Three More About Your Best Friend
What Were You Branded
Did You Even Fit In
The First Of High School Is
Over And Done For
You Won't Be The Youngest
Walking Into Sophmore Year
Write Two Adjectives About Your 4th Period Teacher
First Semester
Second Semester
Who Did You Look To For Support
Did You Still Get Along With Your Parents
Were Your Grades "Up To Scratch"
And Now The Class
Of Which You Are Apart
Of The Oldest Kids
Believe It Junior Year
Give Me Four Facts About The Current Crushes
And The Three Hottest Teens In The School
Was School Getting Harder
Did You Honestly Look Into Colleges
And For The Last
And Certainly The Best
You're The Oldest Teen Now
What Better Than Senior Year
What Year Did/Will You Graduate
Did You Work Hard
Seniorites Strike Too Often
Two Teachers Who Gave You The Hardest Time
Now Looking Back
Think Very Hard
And Tell Me If You Remember
The Year You
Had Your First Crush
Found Out You Might Be In Love
Lost Your Virginity
Got Into A Fight
Met Your Best Friend
Went Out On A Date
Had You're First Boy/Girlfriend