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Author: jayjayrocs
Created: December 2, 2010
Taken: 50 times
Rated: G

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My formspring questions or more like statement

Created by jayjayrocs and taken 50 times on Bzoink
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Im showing this to your brother
Stfu you should here what all the guys say about you
idk why people say your ugly you look like a normal girl so what ?
Your not fat.You are BEAUTIFUL!!
Who is your bestfriend?
Does anyone like you?
i like her :))))))))))))
Have you had sex?
Because noone in their right mind would touch something like you
are you anerexic someone said you were?
do yur parents know you bulimic?
are you pregnant?
how much do you weigh?
hi.why are you a whore?
Do you think anyone would care if you killed yourself?no
I think ur cute!! :)
Who in their right mind would fucking date you?
your so ugly
how old are ya?
how big is yoyr penis?
what does sex feel like?
does sex hurt the first time?
you've had sex 16 times?right
Why does everyone hate you?and dont sai idk cause i really want to know
So youve fucked 16 (or more) animals your bf is prob a orangant
once again ur hair...its on fire
fingaa ma butt
I think you should mdel ur pretty andurred hair is unique
You look young.how old r u ?
Have you ever done vidio chat sites?
do you finger urself?tell the truth
fucking ugly whore noone likes you
your fucking annoying as hell and i hate you
your sucha cutie havefun in 5th grade this year
your cute bahahahahaha no i lied
ew you finger urself your sucha whore slut bitch fag justinbiber loving ho
when do you die?
Nigguh got aids in her mouth
my nee hurts
boy or girl?hm neither
hey i here your birthday was a few days ago how does it feel to be 8?
juliet i'll be your romeo if you kill urself...
when i look at you i wanna rip my eyes out
if you die then=happiness
Bitches will always be bitches cant change em
please kill urself
mane i would fuck da shit outta ur tigh ass troll puss jk ur ugly 4real
die bitch
can i suck your dick?
do you have a disorder you look like you fucking 5 years old?
im gonna laugh when someone hits you
i like you.people say ive got no taste but i like you.
do your parents know about all the shit you do ?
are people mean to u in school?
monkey ball sucker remember me?
juliet shut the fuck up you retard...nice hunch back